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blog Sunday, December 28, 2014 @ 1:50 PM

So... two years have gone by since I sold my baby.... After, I pretty much washed my hands of everything Mustang. All it did was remind me of something I couldn't have. I sold all of my "extra" parts, signed out of all my blogs, and threw away all my books. It was six months after I sold it that a gentleman ran across this very site and saw my page and contacted me.. It just so happened that he had purchased a '91 GT from an online auction and had it shipped to New York state.... He said he was looking at "HIS" car!! MIND BLOWN! After 6 months of not knowing what happened, my car "calls" home!!! I've kept in loose contact with patrick over the last year, when he does something new, he'll send a message and that helps.... Well this year was my 40th birthday and all I can figure is she felt sorry for me and allowed me to look for another GT. I search a long time (about 2 days lol) and a friend text me about a barn find.. a 1993 GT that has set in a 100 year old barn for 1.5 yrs... vermillion red , auto, sunroof, rear disc, and grey interior. Got it home and fired it up... KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!!! Thrown a rod but only 89xxx miles so I hope everything else is good. Went ahead and ordered a complete GT40 top end with p heads and a b cam, 70mm mass and a 65mm throttle body. Plan on starting the tear down in the spring. Details to follow as things do or don't progress... Guess I'm going to have to look through my own posts to remember how to do things! \"smile\"

Since my phone doesn't support flash I guess I'll add pics later..



New Job!
blog Wednesday, January 01, 2014 @ 10:46 AM

Oh yeah, incase you guys didn't figure it out from the previous post. I now work at Gateway Classic Cars. I started in May of 2013. It keeps me very busy! I am now the Sales Manager at the Louisville Ky Showroom. I definitely enjoy this job much better, and the pay is decent too.

Check us out at www.gatewayclassiccars.com




Spring Fling at Gateway Classic Cars
blog Wednesday, January 01, 2014 @ 10:25 AM

I know this is very early, but I would like to get the word out now.

May 10th, 2014, Gateway Classic Cars will be hosting a Spring Fling at all 6 locations! The plans are to have music, automotive vendors, and as many car clubs participating as possible.

For additional info, please contact Ashley Rogers or Adam Larkin at 618-271-3000

Looking forward to showing you guys what we do at Gateway Classic Cars!

If someone can make this a sticky, it would be greatly appreciated



Project FrankenRanger
blog Wednesday, December 11, 2013 @ 4:11 PM

 Been working on this a couple months now figured I would share with ya! Instead of posting all the pictures in here you can see all the progress on the build thread here.


I will keep you all updated. Its been a fun project so far


Got it running today!

Needs some exhaust ran and a few wires buttoned up then off to the body shop!




Kenne Bell Arrives for '4NoMore' 93 Mustang Project
blog Sunday, October 20, 2013 @ 1:59 PM

Arrived this past week!  I absolutely had to have a factory NEW Polished Kenne Bell for '4NoMore'; I couldn't settle for anything less.

My Plan is to just tinker this winter on this install, I could get it done in a weekend; but with the winter coming I didn't see much point.  I just couldn't wait until spring time to get it!




Here is the future home of this Kenne Bell:


Commitment: Getting the KB this year!
blog Monday, September 30, 2013 @ 9:03 PM

Planning to call Kenne Bell tomorrow and place my order finally...for the 93 5.0 Mustang, the 4nomore project.

I built the Engine in 2009 specifically for this blower.....running this set up:

AFR 165 heads:  2.02 intake / 1.6 exh 58cc
1.7 Trickflow Rockers
GT-40 lower intake (Ford Racing)
Comp Cams' Extreme Energy Xe266Hr
255 lph Holly Fuel Pump
Adaco performance DBX97 90mm MAF with  Anderson Motorsports Powerpipe
Need to still pick a Larger Throttle Body and Injectors (thinking 42lbs)

planning to get TB1000-FB  Blowzilla/Flowzilla at 8PSI 

Goal is 380-400 hp (plenty for me)


In the spring I'll be getting a new tune and dyno for everyone to check out 





New Video of the 'Married Saleens'
blog Saturday, September 21, 2013 @ 8:37 PM

ok, since buying our 'wedding Saleen' a 2004 S281 Saleen #190 (almost two years ago) we decided we needed two so we can cruise in full matching style with the tops down....So a few weeks ago got this beautiful 2002 Saleen Speedster #566

...yes we are sick people for owning 5 stangs now.  but each one is special in it's own way. 

Anyways, here's our latest mustang habit....driving in matching married Saleen verts


Click here for more pics of the Silver 2004 S281 Saleen #190

Click here for more pics of the White 2002 Saleen Speedster #566


Super Coupe in a 'Stang
blog Wednesday, September 04, 2013 @ 8:41 AM

My adventure in putting a 1987 Thunderbird "Super Coupe" 3.8 S/C engine into a 1983 Mustang GLX. Some of you may ask WHY????? V8's are cheaper, yadda yadda,yadda. I have heard it all.Well it is like this; Everybody and their mother, girlfriend and their buddies have a cowl hooded, chrome wheeled V8 Mustang. Well peeps I will never cop to being normal...EVER! So I brought together all my available information about Mustang parts, colors, and with the help of some factory trained Master Ford Techs, I started to build my version:

 Using a 1983 GLX I had bought in a package deal (3 Mustang ragtops 1983-1986, for $1250.00 ) I decided I wanted to see how much could be done with the ford V6. Starting with a 1989 engine , I stripped it down and had the engine sent to a machine shop for machining. I then bought a 4.2 Ford (F-150) crank, and forged rods, and forged Wiseco pistons from Super Six Motorsports ( www.supersixmotorsports.com) to bring my displacement to 4.3 Liters. The stock compression was 8.7 to 1, but to make a few more ponies, I opted for 9.5 to 1 since I am not going above stock boost levels.

The bottom end was modified with a Delk Performance main bearing girdle, with an ARP stud kit. The oilpan is a modified F-150 unit sculpted to work around my stock K member. The top-end uses a set of Stock S/C heads that have been ported, polished and blended. Bee-hive springs and valves with thinner stems so airflow is greater, and heavy-duty valve locks and a Comp Cam to help the beast make power.

  The air intake system has been enhanced to remove restrictions inherent in the factory design. The main problem area was the "Blower Hat" that sits on the supercharger. This part required the air to be spit upward and forced to do a 90* turn in 1.3 inches. What I did to remove this problem waas to remove the inner fins and drill a 3 inch hole out of the top that will go into a tight 90* silicone tube then into a tube going to the intercooler, which is double the size of the stock intercooler.

The body features a 4 piece Cervini's LX kit,  a Cervini's "Stormin' Norman hood(2.5 inch rise) and a Saleen wing. Painted in Sonic Blue with PPG Russet Prizmatique  added to the color, it looks like a bass boat when you walk by it on a sunny day.


RIP Gunner!
blog Tuesday, July 16, 2013 @ 6:19 AM

It saddens me to pass along that Tim (Gunner_501) passed away last week.


May you be in a better place and have a fantastic time with all the Mustangs.


RIP buddy and lifelong friend.


New to GS
blog Monday, June 24, 2013 @ 9:54 PM

 My name is Austin and I,m new to Got Stang and love the site! I am always looking for suggestions and ideas so let me know what you guys think and I would love any advice you guys (and girls) could give me. I am always looking to further my knowledge in mustangs and cars in general and love to find the best parts and mods to put on my car. Thanks guys and glad to be on the site!

Fuel your mustang love.
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