Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comHow about some interesting JFOs?I think it's time we start declassifying cars that are obviously not presented well enough on their websites to fairly compete in JFOs.  People are making a mockery of the system by challenging only those cars that have a few exterior pictures knowing that they are making easy points.  Gamblers, myself included, are making huge points on easy wins.  I'd like to see more people actually entering JFOs where the judges have to decide based on the quality of the pictures presented rather than the (lack of) quantity of pictures available. Streak stats don't mean much if you're only gambling on one-sided or unfair contests. 
UPR level 2 engine billet dress-up kit installed!
Here is the level 2 billet kit from UPR, with the 5 billet cap covers and the stainless steel radiator cover. 
Engine Bay
Engine bay - low view 
Next on my list of parts to get is a Canton aluminum coolant tank and some silver Fox Lake Racing valve covers.

Need help with my Page 1
I erased my entire page 1 and started over from scratch because I had so much extra HTML code floating around from years of changing things.  Can you guys tell me if everything looks OK?  I've had some problems getting the black highlighting behind the blue text the right size, and getting it to stop showing up on blank lines.  Does everything look OK as it sits now (after about 12 total edits)?  Is it readable with the background image behind it?  Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.
11.53 at 119.50 at Rockingham!
I got a new best time, 7.39 at 94.41 and 11.53 at 119.50 during the first round of qualifying for Pinks All Out at Rockingham Dragway this past Saturday.  I got a much harder launch during the second round of qualifying, but no time slips were given out during the second round. Oh well, it was still a fun time and a great day. 
I uploaded the video to Streetfire almost 21 hours ago, but it still hasn't optimized.

Getting ready for race season - new wheels, tires, brakes, and more!
I finally got tired of being slow at the drag strip.  For this season, my goal is get significantly faster. 
I started by ordering a new set of wheels to take the place of the heavy 18" Cobra R wheels.  On the rear, I'm running 275/50/15 Mickey Thompson ET Street Drag Radials on 15x8" Weld Prostar wheels.  On the front, I'll be running 15x3.5" skinny Prostars (pictures coming tonight!) with some skinny Kuhmo tires all mounted on 1" bolt-in spacers from American Muscle. When I'm not at the track, I'll be running the stock 17" Bullitt wheels on the front, since I don't feel comfortable riding around all the time on a spaced-out skinny wheel.  
Unfortunately, even with the big spacer, I had to lose the 13" Wilwood 6-piston brake kit, because the calipers were just too big to fit behind the 15" front Prostars.  So, I replaced them with a new 13" Bullitt brake kit with slotted and drilled rotors.  I'm having the Wilwood calipers powdercoated zinc yellow, and I'm going to put the whole Wilwood brake kit on my fiancee's stock 03 GT in a couple of weeks.  
Also, in order to meet NHRA/IHRA safety rules, I added a new master battery cutoff switch from Hella. 
For any of you that watch PINKS ALL OUT on Speedvision, keep an eye out for my car, as I'll be racing at a live taping they are holding this Saturday at Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina.  I'm not sure when it's going to air, but I'll post up when I find out.

Ideas to improve the GotStang Tournaments
Since almost no one seems to use the forum anymore, I thought I might link to the thread I started there to help increase the exposure and hopefully get more ideas to help out.
18" Cobra R wheels for sale in North Carolina.
See this thread on the Gotstang forums: 
Have a supercharged or turbocharged Mustang?
If you have a supercharged or turbocharged Mustang, then come join the group! Click on the logo below to join the Boosted Mustangs of GotStang? group now!

New differential cover, and new pics of suspension!
Last night, I got my new MAC differential cover installed and snapped some pictures of my suspension while the car was on the lift.  Check out my second page to see all the pictures.
Also, I figured out that my old spark plugs were gapped incorrectly (.043" instead of the proper .035").  I put in 8 new NGK TR6 plugs, and gapped them properly, which should fix the spark blowout problems that I had at 4900 RPMs last weekend on the dyno.  In two weeks, I'll be heading back down to the dyno to get the tune fixed again, then I'll crank up the boost and make some real numbers.
New dyno numbers and GS website updates
I finally got a chance to get my car tuned.  Despite some kind of airflow or spark problem at 4900 RPMs that prevented me from really testing the upper limits of the car, I still made 453.44 rwhp and 464.33 rwtq with only 11 lbs of boost.  A few years ago, my car made 408 and 436 on 13 lbs of boost.  So this is a huge improvement.  I posted the dyno graph on page 1 of my website, and the video on page 5.
As for my website, I have completely overhauled the whole thing.  I finally got around to getting rid of some older and outdated pictures, setting the background to black and font color to yellow on all 8 pages, updating the modification lists on different pages, and replacing my "updates" page (page 5) with a "Videos" page.  I took the embedded video off of my first page, in hopes that HerNastyNotch could finally see my first page without any problems.  All the new videos on page 5 are simply thumbnail links to Streetfire that anyone should be able to view without any problems.
Take a look around and let me know what you think.