Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comCalendar Shoot 4 those who have any doubts about my Hunts.........Man, I can't believe I have to do this. These pic's are to verify...........hahahaha........that the young lady is real in my Hunt pics........this is so silly.
Gotstang License Plate!Click on the thread, watcha think?
Frosty got dem Projectors :p
Just got em on, they got the halo angel eyez and diamond cut blinks and reflectors, more pics as it gets dark. Oh and a new shorty antenna too ,lol.
2/28/06 Update G/F, brother, golf club drama.Wells, Ms. Shelby-Lynn will be getting her hood fixed Friday, $550 bucks later on Home Owner's, so alls wells that ends wells. ]]>Frostyhttp://www.gotstang.com2006-02-28T15:42:26Z2006-02-28T15:42:26Z!!!! G/F's brother hit my ride with his golf club!!!!
 Well it was the end to a perfect evening, I had met the parents and they both loved me, begged me to come back and all that, was feeling really good. So we were leaving and of course the mandatory car questions started coming up, no biggie right, her brother is showing off his golf swing right by my car, to my dismay, but I try not to worry about it, then 5 seconds later........well..........uknow Bam!!!!! I wanted to kill him!!!!!!!!! Y is a 20 yr old playing golf right by my car, only reason he's still here alive, was the way his mother looked horrified, and that threw my train of thought off.
I'm so pissed at all of them, I know I shouldn't be, but DAMN!! Guess I just need a day, or 2, or a week..........sigh....still have'nt called Annie, oh well.