Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comParting Out My FoxBodyMy best friend borrowed my 91 Stang for a few weeks while she was saving up for a new car.  The engine had siezed in her Taurus and while my husband was gone, I figured that I would just let her drive the mustang.  I'm driving the G8 anyways, so it was all gravy.  I get a call on Sunday night about 11pm.  She was in a car accident.  Long story short, insurance isn't going to pay me anything for my car and I'm probably parting it out.  If my friend doesn't buy it off me for the value it was at before she crashed it, that is.  I will know in a couple of days.
It was hit at about 40mph in the left rear panel behind the wheel.  The taillights don't work, and the left one is missing entirely.
The engine has only 85,000 original miles on it.  Interior is still immaculate.  I've got a small handful of performance stuff.
If you want any of it, send me an e-mail to:
Finally Had My BabyOn Saturday, March 15th at 12:33am, Tristen Thomas-Lee Simon made his debut into this world after causing his Mommy a 26 hour labor.  He's a long, skinny little thing at 6lbs 13oz and 21 and a half inches long.

He was put on antibiotics because my water broke over 24 hours before he was born, and I got the short stick and got them too.  We're finally being let out of the hospital tomorrow morning. 

I have lots of pictures, but I can't get them online from this computer at the hospital.  I will update again tomorrow sometime with his new little baby pictures.  He's a real cutie!  He does have a HUGE bruise on the top of his head from delivery, which should fade in a few weeks.  that's okay though, because he's got hair. \"smile\"
So today at about noon my sister and I took off for my dad's house.  We were taking the Taurus SHO over to get a heater core replaced.  I was driving my Mustang, and My sister was right behind me in the SHO.  However, as we putted up the hill and around the corner - I felt Ellie jump and I slammed on my brakes.  I got out of my car completely dumbfounded as to what had just happened.  It felt like my tire had blown out. [at 5mph?]

I looked over and this guy said "DIDN'T YOU SEE ME?!"  Well, No.  I didn't.  I didn't know what the hell had just happened!  My sister got out of the car and said "Why did you back into her?!"  Then, I walked around my car and looked at Ellie.  I almost burst into tears. She is completely smashed.  The Honda that backed into me has a broken light and a big gash in it.

I called the apartments, and the police. The police said that they wouldn't come because it was on private property and no one was injured.  I exchanged info with the guy and managed to keep my cool.  The guys friend was convinced that we hit HIM, although as you will see - the evidence is QUITE on the contrary.  When the apartment guy came up, he looked our cars.  I made the statement "Well, I hope your insurance is going to cover all the body work that my car is going to need.  It's obvious you hit me."  They started arguing with me, and I said "Look, if I had hit you - the FRONT of my car would be smashed up.  Cars don't F-in' drive sideways! I was almost halfway past you before you decided to back up!"  They got mad, called my sister a liar [She's the eyewitness, and saw it all happen.], and then the driver said "I couldn't have POSSIBLY hit you, I wasn't even in gear!"

Well... When you drive a manual.. Your reverse lights don't come on unless you are in reverse.  So how is anyone supposed to know you're trying to back up unless you have reverse lights? \"smile\"  Hm? happy

Also, I had the right of way. 

If his insurance won't cover all the damage, I am taking him to small claims court.  My dad had to do the same thing back when I was little girl for the same thing. 

Anyways.. Here are the pictures:

His Car:


My Car:

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My Vehicular FrustrationsSo, everyone already knows that I was in a car accident back in October.  Baby was fine, yadda yadda, ect.  Ellie Mustang went to the shop last Monday to be fixed.  Keep in mind this was all on the other kids' dime.  I was told she'd be done on Wednesday, but a few things with the replacement side mirror took longer than expect so I would be able to get her on Friday.  However, Friday DH had misplaced my bank card, so we figured we'd just get her on Saturday.  NO.  It snowed on Saturday AND Sunday, plus the shop was closed.  And ontop of that, Monday the entire Kitsap County was flooded out, so there was no way I'd ever get my car that way.  Tuesday I went in and paid for it, and told them I'd come back Wednesday night and pick her up.  They said that was fine.
So, I pulled in with Brenden about 5pm last night - grab my keys and go out to my car.  I have a quite expensive alarm system in this car, complete with remote locks/trunk/ect.  Well, my alarm wasn't set for one thing.  I wasn't too bothered since the dealer lot is always locked up and blocked with cars at night's end.  I pressed my "Unlock" button, and my lights flashed, horn beeped, and I pulled at the door handle.  It didn't open.  I figured I probably hit the wrong button again, so this time I watched both my hand and the lever in the door.  It didn't budge.

Keep in mind - I work at Sears Auto Center.  I deal with A-Holes all day who say we "broke their car", when all we did was air up their tires.  Or suddenly their headlights don't work when we changed their oil.  Or their head gasket blew when we fixed a flat.  So, I knew that getting mad at these guys wasn't going to help the situtation.  It really takes working in retail to understand the frustrations that the workers have to go through when you get hysterical on them. [Please, take this as a hint.  Being calm leads to the problem being fixed faster..]

So, I calmly walked back inside and said "Uhm, My doors won't unlock."  The manager overheard that and asked what happened.  I told him my FOB didn't work anymore, and I couldn't get my drivers door open. [I have white leather, and like HELL I was going to climb over the seat to get into my car.]  He asked for my key and for the FOB.  We walked out to my car and he tried to open with the remote.  It didn't move.  So, I gave him the door key. [91 Mustangs came with two different keys, for those that don't know]  He was able to open the door with the key, however when he shut the door again and locked it with the remote - it "locked", except the door pin didn't move from the unlocked position.  So, he tried the unlock key again, and it made a HORRIBLE grinding noise!!  He pressed it about three more times, it kept making the horrible noise and said "Well, my techs are all gone.  But we'll get it looked at tomorrow."

I purposely didn't give them the door key when I gave them my car the first time, just incase something like this happened.  They couldn't say that my remote didn't work when I brought it in, because without it - they wouldn't have a way to get into my car.  They replaced the power mirror on that side, and I think they probably F-d up the wiring to my door lock.  I'm about to give them a call and ask WTF is going on with it.  I was hoping to get this car out of the elements and into heated storeage soon.  Ugggh...

But in better news: The body work looks GREAT!! \"smile\"
Ellie's Finally In the Shop..I dropped her off at 8am yesterday morning.  The Ford bodyshop that I'm having her done at is half a dealership as well, and all the bored salesmen were trying to get me to buy yet ANOTHER car.  Ontop of asking me all sorts of questions about Ellie, how long I've had her, what's been done to it, how I've kept it in such good condition, ect ect.  Enterprise was supposed to be picking me up in 10 minutes to get me a rental car.  It took them almost an hour.  Once I got there, the reservation number for my rental wasn't working - so we tried calling the insurance lady back.  She didn't answer her phone for almost an hour and a half.  Meanwhile, all the decent cars were being rented out.. It looked like I was going to be stuck with an Aveo or something stupid like that.  So, 11:00 rolls around and we finally get around to picking me out a car.  For the next four days I'm the [not so] proud owner of a 2008 Mitsubishi Galant.

When I was asking them what sort of car I'd end up with, they said "Oh, we try to get you something comparable to what you have in the shop."  I looked the dude straight in the eye and said "I can promise you that nothing you have on this lot is comparable to the car I have in the shop right now."
I Hate Insurance Companies!!Okay, so as many of you know I was in a car accident on October 15th.  I've been dealing with this guy's insurance company for a month now.  From sending them estimates, to playing phone tag, ect ect.  Well, I finally take my car to the ford body shop to get an estimate done.  About 1300 in damage.  Very well.  I get a check in the mail made out to "Manay".  Uh.  Last time I Checked, my name was RANAY.  So, I called his insurance lady and she said to try to cash it.  If the shop won't take it, I will have to wait a week for that check to cancel, 3 days to issue a new one, and another week to verify it.  I was also told that because I'm not 25, they probably can't rent me a car, but to go ahead and call and see.

So I call Enterprise.  They said they can rent me a car only if I have full coverage and a max. 500 deductible on the car I am replacing.  Which I don't.  So I call my insurance and they said that it would be 13 extra dollars a day for the full coverage on the car.  But, his insurance is only going to give me 25 dollars a day for the rental [which is like.. Honda Civic type rental.  Ugh.], and probably won't give me the extra 13.

However, his insurance said that they will give me a check for 75 dollars to help cover my own transportation expenses while my car is in the shop - which is equal to the 25/day.  So, now - since their office is closed - I have to call back tomorrow and see what the heck I'm going to do.

But, they are sending me a 250 dollar check for the "inconvienence" plus missed wages.  Which is a lot less than 250 dollars - so.. Rock on!

I hope that made sense.  I am just furious right now.


And ontop of that - when he hit me he broke my Odometer.  But they won't fix it because "We've seen cars that have been totaled, but their odometers were fine!".

The Results Are In!
Looks like I don't have an Heiress to the throne for Miss Ellie just yet! \"smile\"
Picked up the SHOI got to drivin' the thing around for a few days now, and it's pretty awesome!  It's definitely no Ellie, but it has some pep to it.  I feel like I'm going to break the steering wheel trying to hold it straight, though.  Stupid FWD!  Anyhoo, I picked this up for it yesterday.  The guys at work really like it. Lol

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Got in a Car Accident Today[Forgive how this is written, I posted it on Myspace first and I don't want to re-write it a bunch of times.]

So, I had to work at 11am this morning.  It was only for a few hours until I had to go to my doctor's appointment at 2.  Went to the doctor, and decided afterwards that I'd hit burger king before circling back around and going home.  I was driving down Warren Ave in Ellie, and I hit the crossroads at 16th. [Where there are two left-turn lanes coming out right by OC, and it turns left to go out over Warren Bridge] Looks like this: =||

I was crusin' along at 35mph through the intersection on MY GREEN LIGHT, when this crazy guy jumps out and makes a left turn on red and collides right into me!  I slammed on my brakes before we hit, but it didn't really stop Ellie that much.  He hit my left fender pretty hard, and sent me skidding a few feet before I stopped.  I locked up my seatbelt pretty hard, and smashed the back of my head against the headrest.  After I finally realized what the hell happened I started going hysterical.  I was shaking, crying, and I couldn't figure out what the hell just happened.  A cop showed up right behind us and started directing traffic.  He asked me if I was okay, and I said I think so, except my stomach was hurting very much, and I advised him that I was 4 and a half months pregnant.

We moved our cars off the road, and the paramedics came to make sure that I was alright.  Got my blood pressure and everything taken, and then they helped me calm down.  They said that since my husband was on his way, he could take me down to the Naval Hospital to have the baby checked out [since my abdomen was hurting so much].  I talked with the police, and they agreed [and the guy admitted] that it was the other party's fault.  He has full coverage on his vehicle, meaning I'll get Ellie fixed.  By now, I still hadn't looked at the damage to my car.  His car had a pretty fair sized dent/scrape in the right side, and about a 5 foot scratch/dent where my side view mirror just tore it's way down his Trailblazer.

After I had calmed down, the police gave me my accident report and the paramedics stayed with me until Brenden showed up.  I got out to inspect Ellie and BOY WAS I SHOCKED!  He did scratch up her paint pretty bad on the front, and as well as my headlight.  However, if you know anything about foxbody mustangs, you know that the very corner of the car and the sidepanel are two completely different things.  Well, he pushed in my side panel about half an inch, which has set my front end kind of wonky.  Also, he almost tore off my side view mirror, which has been "lifted" from it's seating and seals.  Other than that, Ellie just drives sort of wierd now.  Something in the rear end keeps clunking around, which is freaking me out.  I'm glad I bought that Taurus SHO yesterday! 

Brenden picked me up and took me to the hospital.  They found the baby's heartbeat instantly, which was 140bpm.  Perfect, they said.  They offered me an IV to kill some pain, but I declined.  I told them I'd rather suffer at home with some pills.  I rested for about an hour and they came in to do a quick ultrasound.  Baby is moving around perfectly, we saw his/her spine, and it's cute little face!  No pictures for us, but we did get reassured that everything is going to be okay.  He didn't look too hard for the gender because he was just an ER technican, not someone who looked at fetus babies all day.  It's okay, I  have my real ultrasound in a week.

I got some tylenol and some vicodin for my back, neck, and tummy.  Doctor said that unless I have some serious trouble sleeping, the tylenol should help.  Brenden just got me home a little bit ago, and I'm resting.  I have the day off from work tomorrow via doctor's orders.  He said if I start spotting or cramping real bad to come back ASAP, but other than that, I just jostled the little one a bit.

So here I am.  At home, relaxing. \"smile\"  What a freakin' crazy day!
Gave up the 5.0...But only for the remainder of Fall/Winter!  My 5.0 has started losing traction in rain at as little as 15mph, so I knew it was time to get a beater.  Ellie has officially been put into storage for the nasty Washington rain/snow/ice seasons.  In her place, we went out and purchased this:
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It's a 1994 Taurus SHO.  Hubby really likes this cars for some reason, so I agreed that we'd pick one up.  Paid about 3 grand for it.  About 120k on the odometer.  It'll be good for the purpose we bought it for, and that's about it.