Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comGOODBYE TO ALLTo all the wonderful people I met on GS I am sorry but as of today I will no longer be a part of GS. If you want to get in contact with me my email is I will definately stay in contact with whomever wants to with me. It is time for me to get into reality, not everything on the net is cracked up like I wish it could be. I am a real person with real feeling and would never harm a soul. I realized today how much I could get hurt and I dont need to deal with the stress. I have enough of that in my life as it is. Anyway please stay in contact with me thecarphotoguy1, lengedary, Scott I will miss you. Judy I have your number baby I will call you. Coop you are a real person with a warm heart. There are so many of you I care for so much. Please accept my sincere appolizies. I luv you guys ]]>Sexystang03http://www.gotstang.com2006-06-01T03:16:54Z2006-06-01T03:16:54Z Sexystang03 Pro Pics Sexystang03http://www.gotstang.com2006-04-11T15:32:29Z2006-04-11T15:32:29Z leave a comment for JSexystang03http://www.gotstang.com2006-03-02T21:08:45Z2006-03-02T21:08:45Z made Advertising cardsSexystang03http://www.gotstang.com2006-03-02T12:39:36Z2006-03-02T12:39:36Z AppreciationSexystang03http://www.gotstang.com2006-03-01T19:56:21Z2006-03-01T19:56:21Z many of you can beat this MAZE Sexystang03http://www.gotstang.com2006-02-27T16:22:13Z2006-02-27T16:22:13Z