Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comHAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!GS members,
    Sorry, but I've been really busy with work and haven't been on at all lately. I'll be back soon....once things slow down.
Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!
aka maco12
Screw all the drama.......FORCE wins the 14th CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!Hell with all the drama...
John Force won the national championships for 14TH TIME.....yes that's right count it 14 times!!!!!
Go Ford!!!!!!
Coming to team listing near you..............The latest team to join the best site on the net......
Team Maco Shark
Bruce the Great White shark, Marlin and Dory, from 'Finding Nemo.'
Looking for active Gotstangers that believe it's all about the Stangs!!!!!
Send a message to maco12 if interested......
ULTIMATE FACE-OFF....Team Bling member -vs- Team Interceptor memberOk kids....a new  Ultimate against Tweety....
Team Interceptor member -vs- Team Bling member
Everyone get their aggression out and vote for your favorite.....maybe after this we can all be friends....or at least be cordial towards eachother.......
Good Luck Tweety!!!!
Need some opinionsAnyone making any suggestions on indoor car covers?? Gotta store the GT over the winter and want to buy a good cover.
WTF is with the face-offs lately???!!!!!So, I'm checking out the face-offs and noticed that lately there is a growing trend that is not only disturbing, but.....well BS and very cowardly. Tell me the reason for challenging someone with one or NO pics on their website when you've got multiple pics on your website??? I don't understand what that proves??? I've met a lot of good people and gotten a lot of good friends from this site....but this kind of BS is not making the site any better.....if you think that gaining points by beating someone that just started on this site....than you've got nothing to be proud of....if anything it's caused another great feature of this site to become worthless.
New pics of the GT.....Fall pics....check out the leavesNew pics on my site.....Fall leaves...probably the last time with the top down for 2006!!!!
I'm Baaaaaaack!!!!! Well, Sorta...............see the new pony!!!!!Well, this was in the works for a while....but I couldn't put anything out on my site.

There is a new pony in the stable......the 88 is gone....but check out the new pony....

Actually, it's the wife's pony....I surprised her with it at her Surprise 40th Birthday Party!!!!!

She had no idea.
Unfortnately, it's I can't do all the mods I would love to do...
But at least there's a pony back in the stable!!!!!!
Sorry to say...but it's The EndSorry to say, but my stang was sold and picked up today......
Thanks to all for their support.
I'll stick around the site....but will be stangless.
There's a couple pics of her leaving on my below.
Again, thanks to everyone for all their support.
aka maco12
New Pics....THE MOTOR IS IN THE CAR!!!!!!Check out the new pics.....the motor is in the car!!!!