Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comThinking about getting into powdercoatingI am thinking about getting a powdercoating gun from sears with the powder along with a little oven since they say not to use the oven you cook in. Of course with the little oven, I can only do little things, until I can upgrade. I was wondering what you guys thought?



Need Emblem HelpI am looking for a new Little blue FORD emblem that goes into the steering wheel on my 89 coupe. 50resto does not have them.
Updated Site!!! ]]>marine_2003http://www.gotstang.com2006-09-17T21:04:40Z2006-09-17T21:04:40Z some new parts, they will go on the Coupe since I have the day offGot some new parts, they will go on the Coupe since I have the day off. Pics will be up tomorrow.
BBK CAI ]]>marine_2003http://www.gotstang.com2006-08-26T15:13:47Z2006-08-26T15:13:47Z 3300cfm Flex-A-Lite Fan! ]]>marine_2003http://www.gotstang.com2006-08-19T18:19:37Z2006-08-19T18:19:37Z New Mustang!! ]]>marine_2003http://www.gotstang.com2006-08-12T09:52:54Z2006-08-12T09:52:54Z!! I have a suggestion for the site.In the member site part of the website, maybe adding a username search for members, instead of just sorting and then going through all those pages to find who your looking for.

Attention All 5.0 Owners that need parts!! I cannot part out the body yet since  live in an Apartment Complex, and cannot pull body parts or many internal motor parts just yet. Let me know! I hate to see Ghost Rider go, but she has to.
Parting out Car! Sad to see her go, but it will make way for bigger and better things. Ghost Rider will be replaced by another Mustang one day. ]]>marine_2003http://www.gotstang.com2006-05-14T20:52:51Z2006-05-14T20:52:51Z