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The Beginning
I bought the Mustang in April 2007.  I was stationed overseas for three years and when i came back, I felt like i had earned a car i could really take pride in.  The S197 wasn't around before I left, so I really got to see it for the first time upon returning.  It was instant love.  I had it in my mind that I was going to get a GT, in alloy, manual, and when I talked to my dealer, they said they had an 06 that fit.  I went to look at it, and it was automatic.  That was one point I wasn't going to budge on, so I decided to look around the lot.  That's when I saw her.  I was mezmerized and i knew i was going to drive off the lot with her that night.
Pictured above 
Razzi Ground Effects kit
American Racing Rebels(20"\"smile\"
BFG KDW Tires 
ChromeIllusion Paint on Alloy Clearcoat Metallic
Not pictured
3" Flowmaster Dual Exhaust

After the initial puppy love wore off, I realized that there were some things about the car that I didn't like, and some things that could be improved upon.  My first change had to be the hood.  I couldn't stand that it was a taped on hood scoop.  I kept myself out of two car shows because of it.  I started talking to the company that did my car, and after some correspondence, they agreed to supply a new hood, painted to match.  I knew that I had been right the second that I saw the new hood on my baby.
Pictured above 
Cervini's Ram Air hood w/ Blacked out inserts 

Vogltand Leveling Springs

CDC Blackout Grille

SHR Flush Mounted 1/4 Window Louvers


Here is the stock interior
I took a Saturday, and installed the black leather seats with blue inserts from MRT

 Pictured below is the MGW Adjustable Short Throw Shifter. I chose the composite shifter handle with the pony insert.

Panasonic In-dash DVD-Player with Ipod Control
1000wt Rockford Fosgate Sub-Amp with RF 12"x2 Subwoofers
250wt x 2 Rockford Fosgate Amps with 6.5 in component speakers, Front and Rear


Coming soon... 
WMS Cold Air Intake
Performance Tunes by Justin at VMP tuning
Vogtland Leveling Springs
SHR Quarter Window Louvers
CDC Blackout Grille
MGW Adjustable Short Thow Shifter
Black Leather Interior with Blue inserts 
Stay Tuned 

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 Mystichrome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 5th, 2008 @ 7:30 AM


Check mine out we are the same in alot of ways LOL


Mar 18th, 2008 @ 12:27 AM


Very nice ride had to rank you high. Nice work you done to it. I wanted that same hood but when I was offered the free functional hood scoop well you can see what my reply was (lol)

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