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Tach & Shift Light Installation/Wiring
(This is how to install a tach and shift light in a 99-04 Mustang GT 4.6 SOHC with individual coils per cylinder.)

Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: What you will need
Step 3: Getting the Job Done!

What you will need

This is a run down list of what parts are required to properly install a Tach & Seperate shift light.

#1 Tachometer

#2 Shift Light
Be careful when choosing a shift light, as different shift lights will require different installations. The shift light in these instructions has a built in RPM activation dial. This is probobly the most easiest/cheapest to install. ($55+)

If you want to use a "mini" shift light, you will require a seperate RPM Activation Module (70+) which will then require RPM "pills" ($30+). If choosing to go this route, you can use the wire routing in this guide to assist in wiring the RPM Module.

You can also use a shift light with the Built in RPM Module, which also requires the RPM "pills"

#3 Tach Adapter
You CANNOT use a tach in your 99-04 GT without one!! You NEED this.

You may also need some extra wiring depending on where you mount your tach & light.
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