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Joined: Oct 14th 2005 | Car info: Orange 2004 40th Anniversary
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Steelfalcon29 has been selected for MOTM. Thanks for you dedication and hard work you do here at GS. Steel participates in all that GS has to offer. He has been a huge help with new and old memebers on setting up websites. He has written many tech articles, and problem solving on setting the sites up. Thanks steelfalcon29 - tweety

1.) Have you ever served in the military, and if so what branch?
USAF!! Served from '89-'93. Vetern of Desert storm and Operation Provide Comfort.
2.) What kind of music do you like?
'80's Hair metal, Hard Rock, i.e. disturbed, Godsmack, etc.
3.) What is your favorite past time hobby?
X-Box & X360. That's my weakness!! When I'm not playing I'm hanging out with other GS members or tweaking on something at Money Pit.
4.) What is your idea of a perfect day?
Being anywhere other than at work. lol I guess it would have to be having some of the great friends I've made on here meeting up and just hanging out maybe even taking a cruise.
5.) What magazines do you buy? (Car/Sports related?)
Car Craft, MM&FF &......don't hate me for this but I'm still getting Chevy as well. Hey I had camaro's before I got the Stang.
6.) What is your junk food weakness?
Pizza & toco bell. Now drinks would have to be Mt. Dew!!!
7.) What do you love most about the state you live in?
The people I've meet and friends I've made! Not to mention that Texas has just about everything from mountains to plains to great beaches....if your into beaches.
8.) Have you ever run your Mustang on a race track (drag strip/road course)?
Yes Tweety finally got me into running on HRP's 1/4 mile track, now I'm hooked!!!!
9.) Did you name your Mustang, if so what is it?
Yes her name is Brittany or Brit for short.
10.) Do you think people appreciate all the work you have put into your Mustang?
Yes I get a lot of positive comments. I love pulling up somewhere and seeing the older generation come up and start talking about how good she looks and then start telling me about the stang they owned back in the '60's. That makes it worth while. I also get some negative comments but I don't care!! It's my ride, not theirs so screw em!
11.) What would be your dream cruise, just you and your stang?
I guess it would have to be thru the smokey mountains, in the summer!! I remember going as a kid and would love to go back. If the question was You, Your stang and one more person, I would have to say I'd love to go to DC and see the wall with my Dad then up to New Jersey where the USS New Jersey is docked. That's the ship my Dad was on in Nam.
12.) Whats your top speed you have gone in your mustang?
Not sure? My speedo stops at 120 and I bend the needle against the stop from time to time. Wish there was some way to make the GT cluster work in my ride so I could really see what her top speed is.....I really don't want to know via radar gun. lol
13.) What is your favorite Mustang body style?
The '70-'71 Mach. That's the car I've always wanted! It's also the Mustang that got my attention as a kid and started my love for the Mustang.
14.) How many car shows has your Mustang been in?
1 for now. I got into the scene late last year and the way I have to work hurts my car show attendance bad. I'm hoping to hit at least 2 in April and continue with them through out the summer. There is still so much I need to do to her before I get real competive.
15.) Can you remember when you first fell in love with the mustang, and what was it about it that made you fall in love with them?
Yes as a kid, can't remember the age, but when I was maybe around 5th-6th grade this guy in the neighborhood got a '71 Mach and I fell in love with the stang at first sight. I love the body lines and how she just flows plus it's the wide body that just makes em seem mean as hell.
16.) How many Mustangs have you owned?
'79 Pace Car & '04 Comp. Orange.
17.) How did you find Gotstang?
While over on cardomain rickzmustang kept trying and trying to get me to come over and check the site out until one day I decided to join and now I kick myself for not joining the first time he asked me!! Thanks rick for hooking me up!!
18.) What have you gotten out of GotStang? since joining?
An even greater love for the Mustang!! I've learned so much about the Mustang from here and meet some really great people and even better than that I've made some really great friends. Not to mention a great place to show her off.
19.) With all the great features that J has provided to the member, what would be your favorite?
On GotStangs main site there are just nemerous features that are great and set this site apart from any other car site out there!! I love that your hands aren't tied to just certain layouts, colors, things you can add, J gives us so much freedom to create sites that reflect out personalities!!! But don't forget the forums & chat!! Now that's where I spend most of my time so I guess that would have to be my favorite!! There is so much knowledge just lerking in the forum all you need do is look or ask.
20.) What else would you like to see on GotStang?
This is a hard question because it seems J is always a step ahead. I'm not shy by no means so when I see something that would be cool or diffrent I'll PM J. Sometimes it gets added and sometimes J will change it up and add something even better. But I guess if I must add something here I would have to say change up the smilies on the forum. lol
Extra comments
To be MOTM is an honor for me. I look around and there are some Awesome rides & Great people on here and for me to be chosen is just overwhelming!! Thanks to Everyone for this!!

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