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rice belongs in a bowl,not on the street
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Joined: May 27th 2005 | Car info: Chrome Yellow 1988 LX
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Lxexpress had been chosen for MOTM, He has been a very active member of GS. 1st off being from Canada finding hunt claims is hard to do. They dont have all the stuff we have, but somehow he manages to get them done. Driving for miles to do them. He also always has something funny to say. If you are in a bad mood you can count on him to make you laugh. Lxexpress was also featured in Dec 05 issue of MM&FF after submitting the article 2 years ago it got published. If you have not had the chance to get to know Scott LXexpress I suggest you should. - tweety

1.) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
thats a tossup,i was in british columbia last year to see my sister,brother-in-law and niece.it was gorgeous out there...my wife and i spent two weeks in grand cayman for our honeymoon..WOW.unbelievable...tough pick i would have to say B.C.(no snow on the islands)makes it tough to snowmobile..lol
2.) What is your favorite past time hobby?
cleaning and polishing stuff,i like stuff to shine
3.) What is your favorite sport?
no contest...SNOWMOBILING..for those of you that have never done it.you are missing out...unbelievable scenery and wildlife that you wouldn't get to see otherwise..amazing sport
4.) What kind of music do you like?
classic rock,retro,blues,tiny bit of country...whole lot of shania twain(lol)well maybe just her.
5.) What is your junk food weakness?
hamburgers....gotta be the burgs..pass the ketchup..mmmmm
6.) What magazines do you buy? (Car/Sports related?)
muscle mustang & fast fords.car craft(once in a while)various snowmobiling ones..
7.) What is your favorite movie?
this is tough...i love comedies..slap shot(original one) or happy gilmore...i laughed so at both those....too close to call
8.) What was your most embarrassing moment?
do i gotta be honest???? ok,out drinking one night...way over the limit,i threw up at my buddies sub shop in the bathroom for an hour and a half....man everybody knew the next day...and still hear about it today...that was 11 years ago..bad,bad,bad
9.) What is your idea of a perfect day?
in the summer, cruising in the car with my wife(jessica) listening to some music hanging out with friends...in the winter,screaming across open water on my sled....what a rush
10.) If you won 1 million dollars what would be the first thing you would do?
pay off my house...then start buying car parts...lol
11.) What was your first vehicle?
73 ford p/u,brown,auto,long box,with a cap,white spoke wheels...chick magnet for sure
12.) How many Mustangs have you owned?
an 83 mustang 4 cyl,an 85 gt,and my 88 lx 5.0
13.) How long have you been a Mustang enthusiast?
as long as i can remember,my dad,my uncle are all ford nuts.my uncle always had one since i was a kid so it kinda grew on me..
14.) If you could have any Mustang what would it be?
another tough one..between a real cobra( 65-6) or a 68 shelby convertable,4spd
15.) What was your first mod to your Mustang?
i guess frame connectors...then i couldnt stop
16.) What is your favorite mod that you have added?
the custom embossed headliner my friend dwayne made me...you gotta see it to really appreciate it
17.) What do you love most about Mustang clubs?
i think the same thing everyone does,a common bond that makes the mustang as popular as ever
18.) How did you find Gotstang?
my friend aaron,told me about it,he also does my website too..i'm not real good with that stuff
19.) What do you like most about GotStang?
love the hunts,have a riot doing them too.and talked to a lot of nice people...i should list them but i might forget someone...some really great people here.you know who you are.
20.) What else would you like to see on GotStang?
its a pretty busy site....lots of stuff to do..we have a member of the month...i think we should have a ride of the month..to showcase some of the finer cars here..there is a ton of nice stangs here that i bet 3/4 of the people here have never seen...
Extra comments
considering all the great rides and people on this site,its quite an honour.thank you very much..scott

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