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Mid Atlantic / North Eastern Meet ......LETS GET IT GOING !!!

blogWednesday, April 13, 2011 @ 3:21 PM

OK y'all. Ive been on this site for a number of years. I havent got a chance to meet alot of you. I havent even met the big man yet(J). I have met a few though, and it always turns out alot of fun. Usually I become pretty close friends with them too. Becuase Im just so damn cool. People just cant resist loving me. LMFAO J/K.

OK. All jokes aside. I would like to meet some more of you guys. I tghink we should get a GS meet going. Its warming up, and that time of year again. Nothing major. I dont have anything in mind, and havent given much thought to it at all . Other than just everyone getting together, hanging out, and BSing. Im not even sure if anyone else would be interested. We could do any type of deal y'all want to do. Even if its just parking in a big lot and hanging out.  If enough are interested, we could rent a track, or have a dyno day, or even do both. Depending on price, and how much you would be willing to pay. Im thinking it would cost much at all with enough people. Im more than willing to set it up, and work through all the details. If we decide on a track, or dyno I can set that up too. I would just need to know in advance. So I can get a price and all that. Ofcourse you would get a copy of the reciept. So you know Im not taking you. What Im going to do is start a thread in the forums. Reply to this blog. So I can get a feel on if we have enough people interested. Also throw out ideas on what you would like to do. Like track day, dyno day, like a little GS show in a lot somewhere. We could throw  in a dinner somewhere afterwards even. Up to y'all.

      Ofcourse all GSers would be invited. Im in Maryland as of right now. Im supposed to be moving back to NC early summer. So somewhere along those lines, or wherever is closest for the majority of people attending . So lets figure out what to do (if anything). Then I'll sort out the details. Oh, and yes Brad and J.   You both WILL be there. lol

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Big Plans Coming Together.

blogThursday, January 06, 2011 @ 3:02 PM

Well, I got my 331, and my '90 coupe back. Ive decided, Im going turbo on this one. I actually dont have much left to get for it. The problem is the couple things I do need are the expensive ones. lol

The setup will be as follows.

Dart block

Scat 4340 crank and rods

9:1 compression

Custom cam. No specs yet

205cc CNC ported  TFS heads

Ported Victor Jr. intake

CSU 750 blow thru carb

GT4718 turbo

Digital 7 ignition

Performance Automatic C-4

3500 stall

Gears Im going to have to play with to see what it likes. I already swapped the 4.30's for a set of turbo friendly 3.55's.

Its going into a 90 coupe that weighs right at 2800lbs.

I still have to get :



digital 7 box



and send my carb to CSU

I already got the rest. So Im getting closer. lol  I was going to wait til it was done and spring it on y'all, but I couldnt wait.

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J...You tryin' to tell us something ?

blogMonday, April 26, 2010 @ 8:22 AM

Are you tryin' to tell us something ?  I mean with your shout  "better late then pregnant".   Its about that time isnt it ? I mean you 2 arent getting any younger. LMFAO

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