GSM# 006250
GT's of GS




The Hunt Stats
Claim #DescriptionPoints EarnedDateStatus
20004Your car parked in a handicap spot452007-10-12 20:08:03Valid
20005Your stang with someone with an orange cone on their head552007-10-12 20:11:21Valid
20006Your stang at a gun shop802007-10-12 20:13:09Valid
20007Your Stang at NAPA auto parts store202007-10-12 20:15:16Valid
20008Your car at Auto Zone252007-10-12 20:17:35Valid
20009Your stang in front of Lowes202007-10-12 20:19:49Valid
20010Your stang in front of K-Mart252007-10-12 20:21:44Valid
20011Your stang in front of Hardees252007-10-12 20:23:29Valid
20012Your Stang with a Dodge Charger252007-10-12 20:27:21Valid
20013Your Stang with an ATV352007-10-12 20:29:11Valid
20014Your stang with a Scion tc352007-10-12 20:30:45Valid
20015Your stang with a dump truck.252007-10-12 20:33:25Valid
20016Your stang with a fork lift402007-10-12 20:37:40Valid
20017Your Stang at an Import Dealer (Mazda, toyota, isuzu, etc.)52007-10-12 20:40:07Valid
20018Your Stang at a Dodge Dealership252007-10-12 20:42:49Valid
20019Your Stang with a Garbage Dumpster302007-10-12 20:45:01Valid
20020Your Stang With Stormy Sky502007-10-12 20:46:42Valid
20021Your Stang in front of a 'self storage' facility502007-10-12 20:51:52Valid
20022Your stang in front of a race shop (performance parts shop)402007-10-12 20:54:14Valid
20023You Stang At a Quizinos Sub Shop302007-10-12 21:00:06Valid
20024Your stang in front of Applebee's302007-10-12 21:02:32Valid
20025Your stang infront of Subway (The restaurant)202007-10-12 21:03:38Valid
20026Your car infront of Wendy's102007-10-12 21:05:57Valid
20027Your stang with a traffic cone 152007-10-12 21:08:26Valid
20028Your stang at a construction site. (Must see building/road in progress and machinery)452007-10-12 21:10:28Valid
20029Your stang at a gas station filling up with gas (must have gas hose in your gas tank)302007-10-12 21:12:55Valid
20030Your stang infront of a Port-A-Potty302007-10-12 21:16:32Valid
20031Your car surrounded by shopping carts (at least 5 carts)502007-10-12 21:18:22Valid
20032Your stang with an expecting mothers parking sign1002007-10-12 21:24:32Valid
20033You In Your Stang Stopped At A Stop Sign352007-10-12 21:26:44Valid
20034A traffic accident452007-10-12 21:30:06Valid
20045Someone mooning you in your stang2002007-10-14 21:15:59Valid
20046Your stang with 2 wheels on one side of a speedbump and 2 wheels on the other side.302007-10-14 21:19:30Valid
20047Your stang with a stang that doesnt have a spoiler502007-10-14 21:22:38Valid
20048Your stang with a short bus (the small schoolbus)752007-10-14 21:24:42Valid
20049Your stang with a new Shelby GT500752007-10-14 21:27:53Valid
20050Your Stang with a Lowrider452007-10-14 21:29:30Valid
20051Your Stang with a Sportbike302007-10-14 21:33:13Valid
20052YOUR STANG with A FORD LIGHTNING TRUCK502007-10-14 21:36:36Valid
20053YOUR STANG with HIDEOUS RICE...252007-10-14 21:38:44Valid
20054YOUR STANG with A SCHOOL BUS252007-10-14 21:41:20Valid
20055Your stang besides a garbage truck152007-10-14 21:43:56Valid
20056Your stang with your other car202007-10-14 21:47:40Valid
20057YOUR STANG PARKED with A HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE.252007-10-14 21:50:26Valid
20058YOUR STANG with A GOLF CART452007-10-14 21:52:35Valid
20059Your stang with another stang with a different state license plate502007-10-14 21:56:16Valid
20060Your Stang at Circuit City.252007-10-14 22:02:27Valid
20061Your Stang at Old Navy (the store)252007-10-14 22:04:50Valid
20062Your stang at a liquor store252007-10-14 22:07:00Valid
20063Your stang under a gas station sign (that shows the prices of the gas)302007-10-14 22:08:44Valid
20064Your stang in front of Home Depot252007-10-14 22:10:45Valid
20065Your stang infront of Dairy Queen252007-10-14 22:12:36Valid
20066Your stang at Blockbuster252007-10-14 22:15:21Valid
20067YOUR STANG with CHICK-FIL-A202007-10-14 22:17:04Valid
20068Your stang in front of Target (The store)252007-10-14 22:18:57Valid
20069Your stang in front of a Sonic202007-10-14 22:20:43Valid
20070Your stang at KFC152007-10-14 22:22:41Valid
20071Your car in front of Taco Bell102007-10-14 22:24:37Valid
20072Your car in front of Burger King102007-10-14 22:26:41Valid
20073Your car infront of McDonalds102007-10-14 22:28:28Valid
20074Your car near WAL-MART252007-10-14 22:30:32Valid
20075A theatric love scene (not graphic, but sweet) in front of your stang502007-10-14 22:33:34Valid
20076You stang with a Turkey (real or frozen)302007-10-14 22:37:35Valid
20077Your Pet with your Stang352007-10-14 22:39:50Valid
20092Your car on the Chevy dealers lot.252007-10-15 18:21:15Valid
20093Picture of your car in front of a FORD dealership252007-10-15 18:23:31Valid
20094Your stang with mountains in the background502007-10-15 18:25:47Valid
20095Your stang with the sunset252007-10-15 18:27:35Valid
20096Your stang with a skateborder (A person with/on a skateboard)352007-10-15 18:30:11Valid
20097Your car in front of a barn252007-10-15 18:33:16Valid
20098Your stang in front of an adult toy (sex) shop!652007-10-15 18:35:41Valid
20099Your stang in a car wash (hand wash or drive-thru)302007-10-15 18:37:22Valid
20100Your car parked in a cemetary252007-10-15 18:39:24Valid
20101Your Stang at a high school252007-10-15 18:41:45Valid
20102Your stang at the Post Office202007-10-15 18:43:10Valid
20104Your Stang at Chilli\'s252007-10-15 20:44:38Valid
20105Your stang at Pizza Hut252007-10-15 20:46:14Valid
20106Your stang at IHOP.252007-10-15 20:48:01Valid
20107Your stang under an overpass302007-10-15 20:56:27Valid
20108Your car on a bridge302007-10-15 20:58:49Valid
20109Your Stang near a Payphone.252007-10-15 21:03:10Valid
20110A picture of someone in the trunk of your stang.752007-10-15 21:08:03Valid
20111YOU with YOUR STANG502007-10-15 21:11:18Valid
20112Your Stang in a parking lot with a poster sized sign on it that says 'See this Mustang on www.gotstang.com'752007-10-15 21:13:50Valid
20113Your stang infront of an American Flag352007-10-15 21:16:39Valid
20114Your stang by an army tank752007-10-15 21:18:25Valid
20115YOUR STANG with A VENDING MACHINE (COKE/PEPSI/SNACK)352007-10-15 21:21:06Valid
20145Your car in a fast-food drive through (Must get out of the car to take the picture)802007-10-18 09:57:37Valid
20146Your car beside a motor home252007-10-18 10:28:40Valid
20147Your Stang In Front of a Stone Pile Taller than your Car502007-10-18 10:35:03Valid
20148Your stang in the rain252007-10-18 10:38:57Valid
20150Your Stang at a Produce/Fruit Stand502007-10-18 18:38:13Valid
20151Your stang parked on an Elm street (Must see street sign)752007-10-18 18:40:11Valid
20152Your stang on a golf course (Hole flag in sight)752007-10-18 18:43:17Valid
20153Your stang in front of a church352007-10-18 18:46:57Valid
20154Your Stang at a Redlight252007-10-18 18:54:41Valid
20155Your stang in a traffic jam552007-10-18 19:01:40Valid
20156Your Stang with Trophy from Car Show502007-10-18 19:04:41Valid
20157Your stang with 5 people flipping the camera the bird (middle finger)652007-10-18 19:07:25Valid
20158Your stang with three people picking their nose. 752007-10-18 19:09:21Valid
20159Your stang in front of a No Parking Sign502007-10-18 19:12:48Valid
2016010 cleaning supplies lined up next to your stang (wax/ tireshine/ soap/ bucket/etc..)452007-10-18 19:15:37Valid
20161Your Stang With 5 Quarts Of Oil On The Hood 252007-10-18 19:20:20Valid
20162Your stang with a hairdryer352007-10-18 19:22:19Valid
20163Your Stang with a Bar-B-Q Grill (gas or charcoal)302007-10-18 19:24:02Valid
20164Your stang with your windshield wipers up152007-10-18 19:25:58Valid
20165your stang with a lava lamp 252007-10-18 19:27:43Valid
20166A scratch, scrape, or stone chip in your stang's paint252007-10-18 19:45:08Valid
20167Your stang with a musical instrument (Guitar/Keyboard/Trumpet etc.)452007-10-18 19:47:36Valid
20169Your stang with an RC car402007-10-18 19:55:38Valid
20170Your stang with an election campaign sign302007-10-18 19:57:59Valid
20171Your Stang with A ROAD CLOSED street sign302007-10-18 20:00:16Valid
20172Your stang with a no tresspassing sign652007-10-18 20:02:46Valid
20173YOUR STANG with A TENNIS COURT502007-10-18 20:06:45Valid
20203Your stang in front of a pawn shop252007-10-20 19:31:58Valid
20204Your Stang at Walgreens.252007-10-20 19:34:05Valid
20205Your Stang at Bed, Bath, and Beyond252007-10-20 19:37:01Valid
20206Your stang at a Sears302007-10-20 19:42:16Valid
20207Your stang infront of a custume shop (store to buy wigs/custumes/makeup etc).352007-10-20 19:44:22Valid
20208Your stang at Starbucks252007-10-20 19:47:26Valid
20209Kissing your shifter knob!1002007-10-20 19:50:46Valid
20210You kissing your stang. (lips must be touching paint)702007-10-20 19:53:18Valid
20211A girl on / infront of / in your car in a got stang? shirt852007-10-20 19:58:42Valid
20212A girl on / infront of / in your car352007-10-20 20:05:25Valid
20214Your stang with real, alive cows.452007-10-20 20:07:49Valid
20215PICTURE OF YOUR STANG with A REAL PONY(HORSE)252007-10-20 20:10:48Valid
20216Your Stang with A Propane Truck302007-10-20 20:14:53Valid
20217Your stang beside a snack truck (Doritos, Frito Lays, Oreo)302007-10-20 20:18:12Valid
20218YOUR STANG with A TRAIN652007-10-20 20:20:41Valid
20219YOUR STANG with A LIMO302007-10-20 20:23:49Valid
20220YOUR STANG with AN AMBULANCE502007-10-20 20:26:06Valid
20221Your car with a FORD farm tractor302007-10-20 20:28:55Valid
20222YOUR STANG with A FEDEX TRUCK502007-10-20 20:31:21Valid
20223SOMEBODY WITH A STANG RELATED SHIRT with YOUR CAR252007-10-20 20:37:37Valid
20224You, your signifigant other, and your stang together1002007-10-20 20:40:48Valid
20225Your stang at a movie theater (have movie listings in picture)452007-10-20 20:44:38Valid
20226Your stang in front of a bowling alley252007-10-20 20:47:06Valid
20227Your stang near a water tower302007-10-20 20:49:47Valid
20228Your car in front of a professional Sports Complex(EX. Gillette Stadium-Home of the World Champion Patriots)502007-10-20 20:53:07Valid
20229Your car at a Drive In Movie502007-10-20 20:55:40Valid
20230Your Stang in front of Outback Steakhouse.252007-10-20 20:59:43Valid
20231Your stang infront of railroad tracks with the railroad gates down and blinking552007-10-20 21:03:05Valid
20232Your stang by old/restored gas pumps252007-10-20 21:05:19Valid
20233Your car infront of a 'Welcome to the state of ___' Sign302007-10-20 21:08:04Valid
20234Your stang with trunk, hood, and both doors open.152007-10-20 21:14:41Valid
20235Your stang from above (from a ladder or second floor or higher)252007-10-20 21:17:59Valid
20236Your Stang near Grafitti452007-10-20 21:19:42Valid
20287Your stang at a flower shop352007-10-23 18:39:14Valid
20288Your Mustang at a Gym (Golds Gym, Womens Fitness Center etc.)252007-10-23 18:41:02Valid
20289Your Stang with a Car Hauler (like ones that deliver cars to dealers)502007-10-23 18:47:24Valid
20290Your stang beside a boat352007-10-23 18:49:24Valid
20291YOUR STANG with A USPS MAIL TRUCK252007-10-23 18:51:42Valid
20292Your stang with a corn field502007-10-23 18:54:23Valid
20293your stang at an ATM252007-10-23 19:07:15Valid
20294Your stang in front of a playground (swings/slides/monkeybars..etc)252007-10-23 19:09:35Valid
20295Your stang at a funeral home352007-10-23 19:12:08Valid
20296Your stang with a happy meal (Mcdonalds)252007-10-23 19:14:34Valid
20297Your car on a 1/4 mile track...152007-10-23 19:19:15Valid
20298Your Stang With A Tool Box 252007-10-23 19:22:29Valid
20299Your stang in front of your mail box, like you pulled next to it to get mail202007-10-23 19:25:16Valid
20301Your stangs trip odometer displaying your gotstang member number (GSM#)152007-10-23 19:31:12Valid
20302Your stang with a cannon 502007-10-23 19:35:04Valid
20303Your stang with a Big Mac (from Mcdonalds)252007-10-23 19:36:48Valid
20315Your stang at Toys R Us252007-10-25 21:32:38Valid
20316Your stang at Babies R Us302007-10-25 21:34:24Valid
20317Your stang in front of Best Buy202007-10-25 21:37:19Valid
20318Your car infront of Hooters252007-10-25 21:39:04Valid
20319Your stang going front bumper to front bumper with a police cruiser (Facing each other)752007-10-25 21:41:19Valid
20320Your stang with a vehicle who has one of those magnetic ribbons on it (ex. suppport the troops)352007-10-25 21:44:15Valid
20321Your Stang with a Geek Squad Car1002007-10-25 21:46:14Valid
20322A pic of your stang in the reflection of another stangs paint/window tint.502007-10-25 21:51:13Valid
20323YOUR STANG with A UPS TRUCK502007-10-25 21:53:56Valid
20324Your stang with a Full Moon (the ones in the sky)602007-10-25 21:55:42Valid
20325Your stang in front of a palm tree202007-10-25 21:57:51Valid
20326Your stang with an air traffic control tower in the back ground352007-10-25 22:00:53Valid
20327Your stang at Ruby Tuesdays252007-10-25 22:03:12Valid
20328Your stang with leaves on it352007-10-25 22:06:57Valid
20329Your Stang With a DEAD END Street Sign202007-10-25 22:10:35Valid
203412 GotStang Members Car's together502007-10-26 19:47:58Valid
20342Your stang on a brick paved street402007-10-26 19:49:46Valid
20343Your stang's front bumper covered with bug guts252007-10-26 19:53:01Valid
20446Your stang with another vehicle with a flat tire1002007-10-29 20:24:41Valid
20447YOUR STANG with A HEARSE1002007-10-29 20:29:27Valid
20448Your car in front of a waterfall502007-10-29 20:33:54Valid
20449Your stang in front of a vetrinary hopsital ( not pet store)302007-10-29 20:37:10Valid
20450Your stang in front of a putt putt (mini-golf) course352007-10-29 20:41:36Valid
20451Your stang in front of the public library202007-10-29 20:43:36Valid
20452Your stang at a fireworks stand452007-10-29 20:47:22Valid
20453You standing in front of your stang with a gun/rifle (toys allowed)752007-10-29 20:57:13Valid
20454Your stang with a scarecrow452007-10-29 20:59:17Valid
20455Your stang with a pizza on it (must be editble, no slices, FULL PIZZA)252007-10-29 21:02:44Valid
20456A Room Decorated With Mustang Stuff252007-10-29 21:06:15Valid
20462Your car parked beside a vehicle with wheels taller than your Stang402007-10-30 21:41:34Valid
20463YOUR STANG with A BEER TRUCK252007-10-30 21:43:50Valid
20464YOUR STANG with A FOUNTAIN452007-10-30 21:47:54Valid
20465In a parking garage202007-10-30 21:50:53Valid
20466Your stang at a hospital252007-10-30 21:52:34Valid
20467Your stang in front of the local newspaper252007-10-30 21:54:46Valid
20468The undercarriage of your stang252007-10-30 22:00:13Valid
20469Your stang in the lawn in front of your house (must see the house and all 4 wheels must be touching grass)352007-10-30 22:03:41Valid
20470Your reflection in the paint of your stang!252007-10-30 22:09:24Valid
20507Your stang with a doll(stuffed animal) in all 4 seats302007-10-31 19:40:46Valid
20508Your stang with a box of cereal on it102007-10-31 19:42:30Valid
20509Your stang with real banana's in the tail pipes652007-10-31 19:45:06Valid
20510Your stang with a dozen eggs (12 of them)352007-10-31 19:50:15Valid
20511Your stangs trunk full of grocieries (at least 3 bags)352007-10-31 19:52:37Valid
20512Your stang with a bag of potato chips on it152007-10-31 19:55:16Valid
20513Your stang with a potato (must be edible)252007-10-31 19:58:15Valid
20514Your stang running over a ricer magazine402007-10-31 20:00:38Valid
20522Your stang with a hotdog. (must be edible)252007-11-01 19:36:25Valid
20523Your Stang with a portable toilet pumper truck1502007-11-01 19:39:23Valid
20550You under your stang (literally laying on the ground under the car)252007-11-02 20:13:28Valid
20552You with your stang with a sign that reads \'I LOVE GOTSTANG.COM\'1002007-11-02 20:15:47Valid
20597Your stang at a police station252007-11-04 16:56:27Valid
20599Your stang beside a 70 MPH speed limit sign.502007-11-04 17:06:07Valid
20601Your stang beside a 55 MPH speed limit sign.402007-11-04 17:07:52Valid
20602Your stang with its 2 rear tires backed ontop of the Air Hose at a gas station (must see air tank)502007-11-04 17:10:12Valid
20603Your stang with 2 wheels in the driveway and 2 wheels in the street. (halfway up the curb)252007-11-04 17:13:18Valid
20605Your stang with a bowl of chicken noodle soup (must see the spoon)352007-11-04 17:15:18Valid
20606Your stang with a Jack-O-Lantern (pumkin with a face)352007-11-04 17:17:50Valid
20607Your stang at the end of your driveway with a for sale sign.852007-11-04 17:20:37Valid
20608Your stang with a dozen donuts (must see 12 donuts)352007-11-04 17:22:30Valid
20609You standing on a corner with your stang and a cardboard sign that says 'got stang?'1502007-11-04 17:24:43Valid
20610Your stang with a case of beer.352007-11-04 17:26:47Valid
20611Your stang with a Chicken Nuggets (from Mcdonalds)202007-11-04 17:29:01Valid
20659YOUR STANG with ROAD KILL / A DEAD ANIMAL352007-11-05 17:09:08Valid
20660Bird shit on your stang252007-11-05 17:10:48Valid
20661Your stang with a porsche502007-11-05 17:12:27Valid
20662Your stang with a u-haul truck202007-11-05 17:14:15Valid
20663Your car with a cement truck352007-11-05 17:16:27Valid
20664YOUR STANG WITH A FIRE ENGINE with IT502007-11-05 17:18:37Valid
20665Your Stang with Santa Claus402007-11-05 17:21:37Valid
20666Stang with a High School Grad in gown652007-11-05 17:24:49Valid
20667Your Stang at the YMCA302007-11-05 17:28:06Valid
20668Your stang near a traffic light that is yellow. (It MUST be a light that changes, not the blinking yellow ones)552007-11-05 17:30:23Valid
20669Your Stang next to a Fire Hydrant252007-11-05 17:33:25Valid
20670Your stang with a KEG of beer (can be pony or full)552007-11-05 17:36:52Valid
20671Your Stang with a Snow Shovel402007-11-05 17:39:07Valid
20737Picture of yourself humping your car's exhaust tip1002007-11-06 17:54:52Valid
20738Your stang with a cartoon character502007-11-06 17:56:31Valid
20739Your Stang with a baby diaper(clean and unused please)252007-11-06 17:58:54Valid
20740Your Stang with a Christmas Tree.402007-11-06 18:03:25Valid
20741Your stang in a mirror252007-11-06 18:05:35Valid
20749Your Stang at Car Quest auto parts store452007-11-07 18:01:50Valid
20750Your stang at ACE/ACO Hardware252007-11-07 18:03:28Valid
20751Your stang by a burned out building or house752007-11-07 18:06:59Valid
20757Your Stang With A Hockey Stick252007-11-08 11:56:22Valid
20758Your stang with a ribbon tied around it352007-11-08 11:58:09Valid
20759Your car parked outside with a fuzzy slipper on the antenna252007-11-08 11:59:55Valid
20770YOUR STANG with A TOUR BUS252007-11-09 18:39:08Valid
20771Your stang with Christmas lights302007-11-09 18:44:16Valid
20826Your stang in the fog502007-11-15 14:00:14Valid
20856Your stang with a Football252007-11-19 19:07:28Valid
20857Your stang beside an armored money truck452007-11-19 19:13:33Valid
20858Your stang with gotstang stickers502007-11-19 19:16:33Valid
20870A picture of a deer452007-11-20 21:42:47Valid
20871Your stang with a snow man252007-11-20 21:45:05Valid
20872Your stang with a horse drawn carriage502007-11-20 21:46:55Valid
20879Your Stang next to a sand or salt pile as tall as your stang502007-11-22 21:44:21Valid
20913Your stang parked in front of one of those places that sells live christmas trees602007-11-25 22:04:52Valid
20914Your stang infront of Radio Shack252007-11-25 22:06:30Valid
20915Your stang with an actual full size Nascar/Busch car1252007-11-25 22:09:47Valid
2091610 Mustangs in one place1002007-11-25 22:11:50Valid
20917Your stang near a lighthouse252007-11-25 22:14:02Valid
20918Your Stang at an Ice Skating Rink...indoors or outside.502007-11-25 22:17:32Valid
20933Your stang with 20 business cards spread out on the hood (all different sorts)452007-11-26 20:03:06Valid
20935Your stang covered with frost302007-11-28 16:58:57Valid
20936Your stang with a Deer or Moose crossing road sign552007-11-28 17:02:03Valid
20937Your Stang with a Reindeer. (Can be Fake Reindeer)402007-11-28 17:04:48Valid
20962Your stang with a laptop computer452007-12-06 21:14:10Valid
21002Your Car With A Chainsaw502007-12-12 20:57:11Valid
21003Your Stang with a Sled Riding Sled.402007-12-12 21:04:57Valid
21007Your stang with a Hooters girl ( or a girl in a hooters shirt )502007-12-14 20:55:03Valid
21057You and another gotstang member both wearing gotstang shirts infront of your stangs1002007-12-21 19:38:02Valid
21058Your stang with 2 other stangs creating a triangle452007-12-21 19:41:15Valid
21059Your stang in front of a helicopter352007-12-21 19:44:08Valid
21061Your stang with a Prison Bus502007-12-22 20:13:53Valid
21076YOUR STANG with A DODGE VIPER502007-12-27 11:32:24Valid
21092Your car covered with snow252008-01-02 11:48:33Valid
21095Your Stang with a Snow Plow Truck402008-01-06 13:54:49Valid
21109Your stang with a Christmas present in the driver seat502008-01-08 14:58:11Valid
21110Your stang next with a presidential election sign452008-01-08 15:00:33Valid
21111A girl flashing you in your stang..(taken from inside of stang, please blurr out)2002008-01-09 17:46:34Valid
21112Your Stang in front of a building with a help wnted/now hiring sign posted302008-01-09 17:48:42Valid
21116Your car up on a lift (at a service shop or something)252008-01-10 21:34:10Valid
21140You sitting in your stang with a copy of your GS hunt list (must be able to see the list)302008-01-26 15:59:41Valid
21165Your stang next to a gazebo552008-02-04 12:06:15Valid
21171Your stang with a bee's nest (Dont get stung)652008-02-08 20:02:40Valid
21186Your stang with a National Monument in Picture752008-02-12 18:22:02Valid
21190Your stang toilet papered (must see lots of TP)502008-02-16 19:43:24Valid
21191Your Stang with a Kite452008-02-16 19:44:53Valid
21228Your stang in front of a Got Milk? sign452008-02-20 14:45:17Valid
21229Your Stang with a Rolls Royce or Bentley502008-02-20 14:52:17Valid
21302Your Stang with a taxi352008-03-09 00:44:22Valid
21303You're stang with it's twin302008-03-09 00:47:15Valid
21339A birthday cake on your stang (must say happy b-day)752008-03-21 20:25:27Valid
21340Your stang with a GS Calendar502008-03-23 17:25:22Valid
21352Your stang in front of the DMV352008-03-26 08:55:27Valid
21353Your Stang with a Construction Crane502008-03-26 08:58:16Valid
21354Your Stang with a Chevy Camaro252008-03-26 09:00:07Valid
21448Your stang at a baseball stadium1502008-03-30 21:52:38Valid
21498Your stang with an air compressor352008-04-06 20:54:32Valid
21499Your stang in front of a tattoo parlor452008-04-06 20:57:22Valid
21688Your Stang with a motorcycle club/gang (must be at least 4 bikes & riders)502008-04-30 15:25:29Valid
21689Your Stang with a Casino502008-04-30 15:28:57Valid
21690Your stang in front of an amusement park (ie. Six Flags)352008-04-30 15:32:18Valid
21691Your stang beside an airplane502008-04-30 15:34:20Valid
21692Your stang with a Canadian flag752008-04-30 15:37:06Valid
21693Your car at Baskin Robins 31 Flavors252008-04-30 15:38:28Valid
21694Your stang in front of Dennys (The Resturant)252008-04-30 15:40:01Valid
21695YOUR STANG with A P-51 MUSTANG ( MUST BE A FULL SIZE PLANE )2002008-04-30 15:44:35Valid
21696Your Stang with a Movie/TV Car Replica "NO MODEL CAR'S, MUST BE REAL"1002008-04-30 15:48:28Valid
21697Your stang infront of Staples252008-04-30 15:49:51Valid
21698Your stang by a billboard or sign with a Ford Mustang on it.652008-04-30 15:52:27Valid
21699Your Stang in front of a State Trooper HQ602008-04-30 15:54:16Valid
21780Your stang with a plate of dinner152008-05-10 19:37:34Valid
21781Your car on a pitchers mound in a ball field.502008-05-10 19:39:43Valid
21782Your stang with a different generation stang (check the car show classes for generation years)452008-05-10 19:41:25Valid
21806Your stang with a case of Pepsi252008-05-12 16:15:56Valid
21813Your stang with a waterslide (not a slip-N-slide)402008-05-13 18:27:11Valid
21814Your Stang with a Model T Ford752008-05-13 18:31:41Valid
21827Your Stang with a Pepsi truck202008-05-14 14:00:08Valid
21898Your stang being washed with the hose making a complete circle around your stang on the ground752008-05-22 10:30:56Valid
22039Your stang with a soccer ball on the hood152008-06-10 19:06:06Valid
22041Your stang with a tennis raquet202008-06-10 19:07:34Valid
22042Your Stang with someone on the hood302008-06-10 19:09:15Valid
22044Your stang with a $100 dollar bill on the hood602008-06-10 19:10:46Valid
22046Your stang covered with stuffed animal-at least 10752008-06-10 19:12:08Valid
22051Your stang at a skate park 502008-06-11 12:36:10Valid
22110Your stang with a windmill402008-06-16 13:29:29Valid
22111your stang at a chinese restaurant252008-06-16 13:30:56Valid
22112Your stang near a jet ski (jet ski must be in the water)452008-06-16 13:32:55Valid
22113Your stang in front of your College252008-06-16 13:34:25Valid
22206Your stang with a Rainbow752008-07-03 11:58:45Valid
22289Your stang with fireworks (in the sky)502008-07-06 19:09:28Valid
22290Your Stang with a real horseshoe on the hood.452008-07-06 19:10:52Valid
22291Your stang with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the hood252008-07-06 19:12:13Valid
2229210 toy horses on your stang252008-07-06 19:13:38Valid
22593Your Stang with a SubWay sub sandwich on the hood (must see the Subway wrapper)252008-08-21 21:56:55Valid
22594Your Stang with a bottle of Mustang cologne on the hood.502008-08-21 21:58:36Valid
22595An alarm clock on your stang152008-08-21 22:00:38Valid
22596A stang related key chain302008-08-21 22:03:16Valid
22611Your stang with dog shit352008-08-30 19:32:31Valid
22615Your stang with a watermelon252008-08-31 19:01:13Valid
226845 pieces of Mustang or Ford clothing on your stang252008-09-18 20:11:54Valid
22723Your stang with a John Deere Gator252008-09-27 22:27:27Valid
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