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66 roadster project...

updated: Nov 1st 2005 @ 09:20 AM
my 66 project...
tryin to get pix soon...

lil background:
66 coupe, plain jane straight 6/3 speed...
bought spring '02
been a side project whole time
then summer '04, while i was bowling in tomball, a tree fell on it, landed across the roof and passenger door...

so now we've finally decided to go forward with the roadster project...

just gonna chop the top off...
spray the whole inside with bedliner to waterproof...
throw a decent little system in it...
get it running good...
convert to auto(so my mom can drive it)...
prolly put a rollbar in it for safety...get it in all one color of primer, lol
and make it basically a parade/cruisin' car...

i'll keep y'all updated...

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Jan 23rd, 2008 @ 9:33 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT, and return the favor

Apr 7th, 2007 @ 5:05 PM

“” Need more pix!!!  Ranked ya on info, though!!!  Rank me back when you get a chance, and let me know when you get some more pics up!!!

Sinister Stang
Mar 14th, 2007 @ 12:18 AM


Nice looking stang, got you ranked. Check out my Black 05 GT when you get a chance. Thanks.

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