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My 98 Mustang Cobra Intro/Mod List

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"My 1998 SVT Cobra #1207"

------------ In The Beginning -----------

Whats that you say? How long ago you ask?
Let me see now.
It began, well it began at least a couple of moons ago.
Not that long ago , you say.
I am talking of the making of the moons!
now hush my young grandsons, and listen to the legend of

"Bad Snake"

it's a Coupe
born on 11-25-1997
exterior: Crystal White Clearcoat, interior: Black Leather
4.6L DOHC V8
305 hp @ 5800 rpm
300 tq @ 4800 rpm
5 Speed Manual Transmission
3.27:1 Rear Axle Ratio

----------- Modifications -----------

 Snake Airbrushing by Greg
Engine/Bay/Grill Pony paint by owner
COBRA/SVO letters paint match stripes
Charcoal painted calipers and rotors
30% window tints
Grill from 96 model
Cooper Cobra ZHP Tires 275-40-17
FRPP Chrome Cobra R Wheels 17x9
FRPP Cobra R Hood
CDC sequential <<<Taillights>>>
GMC Envoy Fog lights/rewire
FRPP lowering springs, 1.5"
Steeda caster/camber plates
SVO/Borla side exhaust
Pro 5-0 shifter with stock handle
K&N off road air filter
Bullitt fuel door, pedals, shifter bezel trim ring
SS Incerts "COBRA" Sill Plates
MGW satin finish interior accessory knobs
& Chrome Rad Cap
Instrumention surround painted Metalic Silver
4-Way headrests from 95 model
"COBRA" embossed floor mats from 96 model
BBK long tube headers, jet-hot coating
H-pipe stainless steel off-road
FRPP aluminum driveshaft
FRPP 4.10:1 rear axle ratio
Cellular shorty antenna
COBRA high brake decal
Lighted Ford Oval, on rear deck lid
Snake license plate frame
ASP under drive pulleys w/balancer
Taylor purple ignition wires
GT 500 Fender Badge

291.7 rwhp 284 rwtg SAE

--- The Snake Mural and Engine below the Cobra R hood---



My Own Design, "The Purple Mountains Majesty"



[ click to enlarge ]


[ click to enlarge ]

I painted the Cobra's Engine Bay, Engine parts and the Flaming Pony.
The engine paint is a four step.

[ click to enlarge ]


My new (09-04) Flaming Grill Pony! Had to match the Engine Paint.

under the Cobra R hood

A Ford Racing OEM Hood,
which has been filled and finished by hand,
with duel slots cut in the cowl of hood.
Displays an airbrushed mural of
an enormous Purple, Silver and Black Cobra.
"Bad Snake" is the ruler of the mountain range that lie beneath him.
Set on a blue mist backdrop, with two nearby moons.

(I really wanted a pretty girl airbrushed under the hood)


[ click to enlarge ]

topside of the Cobra R hood

Front center third of rise is black,
breaking into two 12" stripes.
Airbrushed within the black is an iridescent
open mouthed Cobra searching for his prey in the night.


[ click to enlarge ]

over the Roof

The 12" stripes continue as if flowing
over the peaks and through the mountain passageways.
The iridescent body of the Cobra
barely visible in the Blue Pearl light of the moons.

With the correct sunlight's angle, the stripes Blue Pearl appears!


down to the Rear Deck Lid and around the Wing

So massive is the body of Bad Snake that he covers
an entire mountain range.
Down in this valley his gigantic tail, hardly visable wraps around
the Tail Wing, known to all as the, Spoiler.
Coming to rest just below the Wing and
surrounding the high center brake light.
The 12" stripes close together, completing the colossal reptile.



bordered by a 1/8" Black Pin Striping

Donít think for one moment,
Itís going to hold that huge serpent,
Although it does tie him in with his best friend
The Crystal White Stallion know to all as Mustang.

And that my children is why today we have the

--------- SVT MUSTANG COBRA ---------

------- "BADSNAKE" -------

Now, go tell Nanna you're going for a
ride in the Cobra!

To Michael,Trever,Tre and Anthony with love, Puppa.

Michael and Tre'
GT 500 Fender Badge

Early morning stageing for a show.
A few interior views.

I painted the Deck Lid's rain well and hinges. 

Side Exhaust with painted SVO to match stripes
 and COBRA rear lettering.

I taped and painted the Letters. The blue pearl overlay shows on this shot.

Under Carriage Views

I Thought you may like to see my Stainless H-Pipe, Borla Exhaust,
Aluminum Driveshaft and a super clean Under Carriage!


I painted the 4:10 axle Gloss Black!
Painted Calipers and Rotors!
Also painted the insides of strut towers!

The Grandchildren, Katerina, Tre', Michael, Anthony.


Expand this photo. Look at the eyes of the Snake. If you move.
The Snake's eyes will follow you!

I made up a story to describe my Cobra's artwork, I hope you enjoyed ďThe Legend of Bad SnakeĒ. Before you leave my site remember to take the time to rank my Cobra. And a big thanks for past and future votes. I find this an interesting website, made possible by,
The GS Members!

Checkout and rank our "2005GT"  
If you like what you've seen so far,
checkout more detailed pictures of my Cobra in the following pages.

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Dec 6th, 2009 @ 11:39 PM


Awesome cobra!  Ranked you a 10 previously. 

Jun 24th, 2008 @ 11:10 PM

“” Crazy nice stang! I think I have seen your car at a few car shows...Did you go to the one at Valvoline I think it is in Canton(canton center and hanford)? Take Care

Jun 4th, 2008 @ 9:29 AM

Replying to:

This comes up on the 'vert when I go to nominate you:

This car has not been put in a class. They need to choose the year of their car in their profile

Someone needs to update their profile 

I asked J to change it to 2005-2008 and still hasn't I'll just make my car a 2007 in my profile LOL

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