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updated: Oct 30th 2009 @ 09:21 PM

My 94 GT

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On 27" Slicks from the back:

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This is what the car currently sounds like... i use my phone so it kind of sucks
Download File => exhaust.wav <=

It a 94 GT 5.0 5spd
Black w/ Dual Gold Racing Stripes(factory stock paint)

Mods: TFS TW, Explorer intake, TFS Stg 1 cam, TwEECer R/T(CBAZA/J4J1-base tune), BBK O/R X-Pipe, Flowtech Warloch Catback, 3.73 FRPP gears

Best ET: 14.59 @ 95.13
Best MPH: 14.59 @ 95.13
Best Reaction time: 0.0489 on a 14.93 @ 94.57

Future mods: JYTT kits w/ T3/4(.60a/r) TC turbos

(website under construction)

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Mar 29th, 2007 @ 1:35 AM


Sweet BLACK Mustang you got there!!!  Ranked ya big!  Hit me back when you get the chance.  Look me up on Black Mustang Club.com - and join up if you're not on it already!!!

Feb 14th, 2007 @ 9:18 PM

Replying to:
Replying to:
I am hoping we can all pull together and Vote for Crimson in the current UFO!  Thanks guys and if anyone else is in a f/o or needs the Group to help out, please let us know so we can all pull together & give support to our fellow members.  Our Group is large enough now to over turn or lead in anything we get into.  Thank you in advance for your Support!  VG

i dont mean to be an ass here, and i am appreciative of the group invite, but shouldnt we all vote for the better car?  One of the largest  flaws of any event on this site is "buddy" voting.  some people have gone to great lengths to try and change that.  and you/this group promotes it.  I personally do not agree with it.  having a group this large, "taking over" the site events is unfare to the other members who want an honest challenge.  This is the BIGGEST reason i shut all my FO's off, and why MANY other members have done the same.

ok, enough ranting...i agree, these guesbook messages are out of hand.....i cant even begne to count the # i have received in the past 2 days.  Because it will never end, due to the amount of members, and because of the buddy system...i ask to have no part in it, and am opting out of the group....

I am greatly appreciative that you though enough of me and my car to invite me, but that stuff is nonsense.  Thanks, and sorry. 

WoW ... I just read this as well as GirlzGT's reply and I must say I have to agree with GirlzGT on the whole buddy voting bullshit issue.
This is a BIG reason why alot of people have left GS altogther and also why Im not as active here as I used to be either. I appreciate the invite as well Trish but if this group is gonna vote via the buddy system instead of voting for the truly better car
...then I think I should bow out of this group as well.

Nov 19th, 2006 @ 4:43 PM

“” dropped ya 10! beautiful car and awesome site! hope u check out my site. added a few things and has 2 vids of my exhaust on page two and my first show on page 7!  Vote/nominate me when the car show starts for 94-98 if ya dont mind. i also just added page 8 my first time at the track ever! it has a couple of vids check it out pages 9 and 10 are new as well. . hope you are having a great week check me out if judged face offs and faceoffs which im often in.  thank you for your time, votes, and support.

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