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updated: Sep 29th 2007 @ 03:18 PM

This is "Grace", my 1999 GT convertible.  She is a daily driver, so be gentle with the rock chips and scratches comments, please.  She's so sensitive...  


No, she's not the fastest Stang in the world, but she is a hot little ride!!!  See the Dragon video below!!! 
More Dragon videos on page 7!!!
Yah!!!  Get some!!!
The PoPo will get me eventually if I keep this up, huh?
I manage 24+ mpg on a 73-mile round-trip commute (ouch!), due to the premium fuel, Mobil One full synthetic oil (which I change religiously) and the manual transmission.  Gotta love the good old Ford engineering...
The Classic Design Concepts light bar was on the car when I got her.
This doesn't adequately capture the coolness of the CDC light bar, but the brake light in the trunk alternates with the brake light in the light bar...  Kind of a cool effect, especially with the top up (it lights up the interior).
The rims on the car came with it when I purchased it from Montgomery Ford (Montgomery, AL) in January of 2006.  I have not seen any other car wearing rims like these (except Kandy and GetBlown here on GS), other than a Mustang in a Ford promo shot for '99.  They look like the '98 GT rims, but are chromed, and have a raised 3D pony and tribar on the centercap.
Honestly not too big on the tan top, but it does match the interior, and doesn't show dirt, which is good for a daily driver. 
If she ever transforms into a show car, she'll get a black top (unless I go with Hertz gold as a second color...). You can sorta the bald rear tires peeking out (how the heck did that happen?)...


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Greetings - got you ranked!  Nice Mustang you have there.

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