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My little 71 Mach 1

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  Ok I havn't updated because winter really made me cry. I couldn't find a garage to store the car. So I decided that since I have a nice driveway I would just park it in the driveway with a cover for winter. Well here in PA we get a lot of snow. This year was really bad for ice. Well I have had my house for 10 years and never had an ice problem Til this year. Once this year we got 38" of snow in one night. Alot of snow. Well the snow melted off and I decided to uncover and start the car. Well it was nice so I left it uncovered for a few days. My mistake it snowed again. So while at work I get this call from the wife and she had a strange tone to her voice. Well long story short the ice came off the house and here is the damage. Ok now for some reason it won't let me load the pic



My little 71 Mach 1
I will be slowly updateing this page with pics of the life of my Stang. She was stored for the last 12 yrs in a shed after becomeing a drag car. Now she is all mine and will be given the love this great car needs and deserves. So please forgive me if it takes longer for me to get things uploaded and posted. I am new to all this and can't wait to bring this car back to life.
8-26-10 I got her back. She is running and sounds damn good. All except a leaking header. I have to get it fixed and change the some stuff around. I need to replace the cherry bombs and get mufflers for her. I need to work out some more bugs. Just little things but they need done. The guy who went through the trans and engine was great. A super guy that wanted to make sure everything was done right and not just thrown together. I did get some vid's of it running tonight in front of my house. They are on you tube. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_zrEBNAx3A  Next update hopefully will be getting her ready to paint. I will be going with the same colors. Just need to update the paint.
8-3-10 Car went to have the transmisson put in and engine gone over to make sure everything was ready to go. I'm excited and can't wait to get her back home. I had a print of my car done by Danny Whitfield . Here it is

Here are a few more body shots of her.

I had to put a NOT FOR SALE sign in her because everyone in town was asking. I even got and offer from some older guy to swap for his Vet. I told him that I loved my car and wouldn't part with her.
Here are a few of the interior as it is now. Not the greatest but alot better than some I have seen. There is alot to work with so should be pretty easy to do.
Driver side door panel.
Looking in from the Driver side


Back seat. Notice the rear sail panels falling down.

Engine bay
Here is the engine bay as it was when I got it. It is a 351 Cleveland 2V car. After I get it all up and running and on the road again I will update the engine with better ignition and such.

More to come.....

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I'm just getting around to ranking the 77 who I hadn't previously ranked! I ranked you high for saving a classic 'Stang, let me know when you get her done & I'm sure it will be a 10! If you haven't ranked both my 66 & my 05 Roush, how about checking each of them out!

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