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Geraldine's Recent Restoration Bio

updated: Nov 14th 2008 @ 11:19 PM
(Special Paint Ford # Unknown!)
(Marti & Ford Motor Company CONFIRMED!)
New and or NOS OEM parts were used when and where possible in this recent restoration.

This is perhaps the rarest find you will ever come across. A 1969 MACH ONE
428-Cobrajet "R" code Car that came with a Special "Paint Ford # Unknown"
Option from Ford Motor Company. This is the first 1969 Big Block MACH
that I have seen with this particular option along with all of the other
features. This has been Verified and Confirmed of course, by the Marti & Ford
Motor Company. (Note the Marti Report in Picture Listing above...) A True, Rare Breed...

Originally Equipped Options:
* 428 CJ-4 Valve Ram Air
* Special Paint Ford # Unknown
* Blackout Hood Treatment
* Black Clarion Knit Vinyl w/MACH ONE High Bucket Seats
* Air Conditioning
* 9--inch Rear
* 3:25 Traction Loc-Axle Ratio
* C-6 Cruise-O-Matic
* Visibility Group
* F70 x 14 Traction Tires w/Raised Letters
* Good Year Tires
* Power Front Brakes
* Tinted Glass-Complete
* Deluxe Belts / Warning Light
* Front Bumper Guards
* AM/FM Stereo
* Automatic
* Factory Tach
* Power Steering

Recent Upgrades:
New Correct AC Quick Disconnect Adapters (added 10-27-2008)
OEM Door Knob Silver Disk Covers (Pair) (added 10-06-2008)
OEM Correct C9 Stamped Big-Block Fan Shroud (added 10-06-2008)
New Compressor Valves (Pair) (added 10-06-2008)
NOS Hood Lamp (added 07-19-2008)(Don't see many of these!)
New 4-Wheel Disk Brakes
New A/C Suction Hose (added 06-27-2008)
New A/C Sight Glass Hose (added 06-27-2008)
New A/C Hose Strap Kit (added 06-27-2008)
New Heater Hose Pair - Correct Red Stripe (added 06-27-2008)
New Belt A/C & T/E & Idler Belt (added 06-27-2008)
New Belt P/S W/Correct Markings (added 06-27-2008)
New Air Conditioning Jr Fastner Kit (added 06-27-2008)
New Heater Control Cable (added 06-27-2008)
New Seal Kit Heater w/Air Conditioning (added 06-27-2008)
New Belt A/C & T/E W/Correct Markings (added 06-27-2008)
New A/C Discharge Hose Assembly (added 06-27-2008)
New Heater Core w/Air Conditionong (added 06-27-2008)
New Clamp Heater Control Cable (added 06-27-2008)
New Cable Retainers Pair Heater And Defroster (added06-27-2008)
New Band Style Hose Clamp 1-1/16" (added 06-27-2008)
New Wire Style Hose Clamp 1-1/2" (added 06-27-2008)
New Wire Style Hose Clamp 1-3/4" (added 06-27-2008)
New Wirse Style Hose Clamp 2" (added 06-27-2008)
New Felt Bads for Both the A/C & Heater Box (added 06-27-2008)
New Turn Signal Lever (added 06-05-2008)
New Shifter Bezel (added 06-05-2008)
New Shifter Rod (added 06-05-2008)
New Shifter Black "T" Handle (added 06-05-2008)
New Turn Signal Lever (Added 06-05-2008)
New Oval Shaped Cobra Air Lid Kit (added 06-05-2008)
New 4-Wheel Disk Brakes
New MSD Electronic Ignition
New Flowmasters
New Ford Tooled Dash Pad
New Speaker Panel Covers
New Alpine Stereo/Disk Player
New MP3 Hidden USB Input Software/Hardware (Below ignition key for easy access)
New JL Audion Amp in Trunk
New Alpine Speakers in Door
New Dash Speaker
New Hi-Performance ProMaster Starter (200lbs of Torque)

Other Recent Restoration Efforts That I Can Recall:
"COMPLETE" Engine Rebuild (Not correct Stamped Block, but it is the Big Block Monster!) (Less than 500 miles on rebuild)
New Carb Gasket
New Set of Manifold Gaskets
New Water Pump
New Thermostat
New Thermostat Gasket
New 8 - Spark Plugs
New Wire Loom
New Master Cylinder
New Brake Line
7-qts Motor Oil
New Oil Filter
New Fly Wheel
New Starter Drive
Newly Re-Cored Radiator (Yes, Original OEM Correct!)
New Front Pump Seal
New Front Pump O-ring
New Shifter Seal
New Correct Door Moldings
New Rear Trans Seal
New Transmission Filter Kit
Transmission Fluid
2 1-Gal Antifreeze
New Air Filter
New Moderator Valve Line
New Battery Cables
New 2-Breather Caps
2-qts Brake Fluid (Dot 3)
New Fuel Filter
New Fuel Pump
New Front Pump Gasket
New Cam
New Pistons
New Valves
New Timing Componets
New Transmission Support
Correct OEM Window Roller Handles & Knobs
Correct Speaker Grilles
New Ext. Chrome Moldings COMPLETE (Mostly NOS where found and used)
New Correct OEM Reflective Stripe Kit
New Exhaust (Flowmasters)
New Correct Exhuast Tips (Rolled Stainless)
New Correct Side Marker Lamps, Bezels & Gaskets (L & R)
New Correct Rear Back Up Lamps, Bezels & Gaskets (L & R)
New Deck Lid Lettering
New Fiberglass (Not cheap plastic) Rear Spoiler Wing
New Fiberglass (Not cheap plastic) Front Chin Spoiler
All Correct "Carlite" Glass Throughout the Car
New Correct 1/4 Window Chrome Moldings w/Latch (L & R)
New Correct 1/4 Window Trim Boomerangs (L & R)
New CorrectRoof Drip Moldings (L & R)
New NOS Roof Ornaments (L & R)
New "Ford Tooled" Hood
New Fiberglass (Not the Cheap Plastic One) Hood Scoop
New Correct Door Wiring Harness (L & R)
NOS Rear Tail Light Trim Moldings (L & R)
New Correct Rear Tail Light Trim Rubber Seals (L & R)
New Trunk Weather Striping
OEM Clutch Fan
New Correct Windshield Moldings
New Correct Washer Water Bottle
New Correct Washer Tubing Lines & Tee
NOS Washer Jets (L & R)
New OEM Regulator
New Alternator
New Battery (1000 Cranking Amps - 800 Cold Cranking Amps)
NOS Lower Grille Molding (L & R)
NOS Upper Grille Molding (L & R)
NOS Narrow Grille Moldings (L & R)
New Wide Grille Moldings (L & R)
New Door Hinge Bushings (L & R)
New Correct Grille
New Correct Grille Emblem
New Light Bezels (L & R)
Many Bolts, Nuts Etc. Replaced with Stainless
New Radiator Low Insulator
New Radiator Upper Insulator
New Correct Hood Hings (L & R)
New Hood Hinge Springs (L & R)
New Hood Scoop Seal
New Hood Pin Kit (L & R)
New Racing Mirror Moldings
New Outer Headlight Trim Ring
New Vehicle Window Price Sticker
New COMPLETE Weather Striping
New Door Tire Pressure Decal (Correct Month & Year)
New Antifreeze Tag
New Safety Act Decal
New Sun Visor Starting Instructions Sleeve
New AC Compressor Tag
New Final Inspection Window Tag
New Assembly Line Tage
New Vehicle Warranty Sheet
New Door Bumpers ( L & R)
New Hood Bumpers
New Racing Mirror Seals
New Shifter Bezel Plate
New Personalized Warranty Sheet
New Caution Must Be Driven Tag
New Rim Blow Horn Tag
New Battery Tag AUTOLITE
New Final Inspection Tag Set
New Assembly Line Build Sheet
NOS Dimmer Switch
New Correct Chrome Rock Deflector
New Correct Hood Molding
New Correct Cowl Seal
New Front Bumper
New Rear Bumper
New Bumper Bolt Kit
New Front Gas Shocks
Magnum 500's w/Correct Caps
Front End Alignment
New Vihicle Window Price Sticker
New Door Data Plate Rivets
New Sill Plates (L & R)
New Seal Plate Decals (L & R)
New Chrome Lug Nut Set
New Door Regulator Handles
New Spare Tire Cover
New Jack Cover
NOS Correct Pop-Off Gas Cap Kit COMPLETE
NOS Gas Cap Chrome Bezel
NOS Gas Cap Medallion
New Quarter Window Handles (L & R)
New Roof Seals (L & R)
New Headlight Trim Rings (L & R)
NOS Roof-Rail Glass Guides (L & R)
New Wiring Diagram Book
New Correct Decals & Tags Throughout!
New Power Steering Hoses
All Correct Reconditoned OEM AC Parts!
All Correct Reconditioned OEM PS Parts!
Entire Fire Walls Sprayed with 2-Coats of DP (WILL NEVER FLAKE!)
Entire Power Steering Set Up Sprayed with 2-Coast of DP!
Entire AC Underhood Componets Sprayed with 2-Coats of DP!
New "Viper Red" Paint (1-DP Coat / 3-Base Coats / 4-Clear)
New Flat Black (DP) Hood Treatment (Top) (Viper Red Underneath)
Other Items Re-Located & or Replaced:
NOS Vacuumed Hose Set
NOS Ignition Switch
OEM Hood Scoop Turn Signal Wiring
OEM Lower Turn Signal Wiring
OEM Dash Vents
OEM 428CJ AC Bracket Set (COMPLETE!)
OEM 428CJ / AC Radiator Bracket
OEM Center Dash Vent
OEM 428CJ Water Pump Pully
OEM AC Compressor
New AC Condenser (Works w/R12 & the new 134A Free-On)
NOS AC Vacuumed Switch
NOS AC Compressor Valve
OEM AC Blower Box
OEM AC Vacuumed Tee
OEM Thermostat
OEM Upper Radiator Hose
OEM Lower Radiator Hose
OEM Power Steering (COMPLETE!)
NOS Trunk Light
OEM Lighter w/Bezel
OEM Deluxe Seat Belts
Shaker/Scoop Template
NOS Door Edge Guards (L & R)
Correct Reverse Back-up Lamps (L & R)

Full Set of 1969 Mustang Manuals
Complete Video on DVD of Restoration (Also available to see on Youtube - Keyword: JWBryantDillon)
Complete Book of Many Receipts, Pictures, Etc.
Copy of Original Title of the Car
Copy of the Marti Report
Names & Addresses of ALL Previous Owners

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Apr 1st, 2008 @ 8:29 PM


very nice mach one. ranked ya a 10. come check out my gt when u get a chance.

Feb 25th, 2008 @ 8:53 AM


droped you a dime sweet car

Feb 17th, 2008 @ 10:44 PM


ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thanks for stopping by my page.  Returned the favor!

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