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updated: Apr 28th 2013 @ 11:49 PM

Found my 01 in San Jose.  Previous owner had for about 2 years and no idea on it's history.  Brought her home on Feb 1st, 2013.  Snapped this pic before I even drove home.

Moment I got home I ripped the spoiler off.  Also removed bama stickers

Removed the tint off plate.  Previous owner had a new clutch cable, firewall adjuster and quadrant so I got those in too. 

Wheel was wobbling and found that the wheel bearing was shot.  Polished the exhuast a little bit.  

Changed the oil, sparks and cleaned all the sensors

Got things cleaned up a little.  Previous owner completely neglected the paint.  All the paint was covered in hard spots including all the windows.  

Switched some things over from yellow like my deck, shift knob, antenna.  Cobra had chrome HVAC knobs so I switched those over too.

 I hated how quite the cobra was with the 44s.  I swapped the SLP LM1s from B's04GT and gave him yellow entire catback.  Also had them align the   exhuast properly.  

Got the exhuast lookin pretty descent now. 

Front tires were shot.  Kept leaking so I found some 275/35/18s 555s with 1000 miles on them.  Came off the rear of a GTO who kept rubbing.. lol Put the rubbed side inside and they are like new.

Said goodbye to yellow \"smile\" 

Did alot more cleaning in the engine bay.  Tried to get the engine running as strong as possible.

Dropped tranny due to a bad TOB and found out my clutch was completely shot too.  Replaced with a sachs and had the flywheel surfaced at Pepboys.  Dont ever go to them work on your flyhweel...  They surfaced without cleaning the mating surfaces and put the flywheel 0.040 off.  Once I had tranny back in, I had a horrible vibration rpm related and my speedo didnt work.  Ordered a Exedy Mach 400 thinking my clutch was unbalanced.  Pulled the tranny, took the flywheel to a machine shop and went back to pepboys and had them refund it all.  Returned the sachs and saved several $ going with Exedy.  Got it all back together and no vibrations.  Speedo still did not work though and took near 3 weeks to solve.  While I was at it I should of ordered a Ford racing TOB because within 800 miles on the Exedy it began squeeking.. Yet another project. 

Now the speedo issue.  Due to my  3.73s the car had a Speedcal device set to recalibrate my speedo.  During the tranny removal and install we ended up crushing a few wires.  We got them wired back up and still didnt work.  After weeks of research I found the we had blown the cig lighter fuse.  The speedcal is powered via the cig lighter.  Replaced the fuse and all was good again.

Began preparing for Fabs Ford about 2 months ahead. 

Removed the license plate

My water temp was running a little high so I added a 80/20 mix, water wetter and a 160F thermostat.  Temp dropped from 195F freeway to 175-180F.  

Did some cheapo filter recharge, but it worked.. 

Had to go more low.  Cut the front springs about 1/3 first time and then soon after I was up to 5/6 off  a coil.

Cut the rears 1/3. 

Spent 25hrs with m105, polishing compound and some yellow paste carnauba wax.  All ready for Fabs Ford! 

Removed the spare, rear seats and tweaked a few more things.  Also Im trying to cut up my hood and make it somewhat functional.  Car still runs a little warm.  

Got to cuttin up my hood!! It was extremely easy maybe 30mins.  Just marked out the pattern with some tape and cut.. And with this design water will still run down the side into the channels and out the hood  







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Jul 16th, 2013 @ 10:32 PM


Ranked you as well!  Nice Mustang you have there. You have done great things to it.

Apr 26th, 2013 @ 11:12 AM


Ranked you! Its awesome to see a FULL size photo of your car finally << thats the only downfall to instagram. Your car is sick! i hope you NEVER add a wing. shes flawless

Apr 25th, 2013 @ 11:58 PM


Got you ranked!!!

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