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updated: Feb 26th 2017 @ 07:57 PM

Power and engine related mods:

Upgraded to a Whipple 2.3 twin screw supercharger with a 3.25" Metco upper pulley and stock lower and cage.
Metco 3.2" alternator pulley, all Metco idlers and adjuster pulley. 
JLT 12" High Boost cold air intake
Magnaflow cat back(stock cast iron manifolds, and OE cats and H pipe)
Kenny Bell Boost-A-Pump, PPRV(parallel pressure relief valve) delete, FPDM, Boost A Pump and fuel pumps wire upgrade.
(2) JLT PCV oil vapor catch screens.
SCT 2400 MAF, SCT Excal II tuner and dataloging pass through.
Sieman Deka 60lb injectors
Most recent dyno tune by Justin at VMP Performance performed on location at TWS -- (557rwhp)
Wide band O2 sensor and gauge.
Start N Change higher amperage alternator and wiring upgrade.
EvenFlow head cooling mod, both heads.(intake manifold clearanced slightly to accomodate fitting)
Canton baffled road race engine oil pan and windage tray.
Mishimoto race radiator, LFP dual pass H/E, Reische 170 T-stat stock stat housing and location.
Opened up hood vents and lower wider air dam under rad(partial boxing).
Canton radiator and inter-cooler reservoirs. 
Global West full competition sub frame connectors.
Detroit TruTrack Helical Gear LSD differential.
Drain plug added to IRS housing.
Billet Flow IRS cover brace, and Mathis brackets added to IRS subframe and chassis.
Maximum Motorsports: aluminum rack bushings, K member brace, caster-camber plates, rear sway bar bushings and end links.
Full Tilt Boogie Racing: Delrin IRS bushings, Aluminum diff bushings. UHMW IRS subframe bushings. All rubber removed from IRS.
Taylor rear mount battery box, 2 gauge wire with fuses.
Very slightly cut stock springs and stock Bilstein shocks.
Brembo 4 front piston calipers.(Focus RS Silver, same as 2000 Cobra R only different color)
Russell stainless steel brake hoses.
Silicone high temp brake air cooling hoses.
Track use pads include a combination of Hawk DTC70, Carbotech XP10, XP12 front race pads, XP8 rear race pads, Street pads Carbotech Bobcat 1521.
Seats modded for fifth anti sub belt.
5 point race belts, with OE DOT stock belts all retained
Auto Power 4 point road race (bolt in) roll bar.
MGW trans shifter.
Autometer Electric oil pressure and direct read mechanical engine coolant gauges in Speed of sound A pillar.

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