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SOHCman's Pony (Mods)

updated: Jun 16th 2009 @ 11:12 PM

Maxxine's Secrets
I didn't have a lot of time or cash to spend on Maxxine in 2007 (even less in 2008).

view from the outside looking in on the cockpit
The interior of my stang is completely stock with the interior upgrade package and "My Color" option.
Cockpit view from one of the hunts.

Here are a few examples of the various (127) colors you can choose with the "My Color" option.

Since we do a LOT of cruising and some Rallying with the New England Rally Club I added a few simple electrical upgrades to make taming electrical issues a bit easier.
1. I have added an easy-access power strip so I can run my radar detector, GPS and Cooler. Only thing that isn't easy access is the glove box... I have to unscrew the strip... LOL
View from navigator's seat. Valentine 1 concealed display under guage hood. Why a device built for left hand drive has the power cord going into the left side is unknown. There is no good method to mount the damn detector either in a Stang, so it is stuck to the dash until I can customize a mounting system. Note aux 12v power strip under useless glove box.
View of concealed display under guage hood
2. Another quick mod I did before our Spring Mustang cruise (around 11pm). I needed to run the power inverter supply cord into the stock console, but since the lid would not close properly without forcing it down, I notched it out for the cord.
So far, I have tested the limits of my electrical system with 1 B&D Cooler, a Valentine 1 detector and Magellan GPS on the 12v power strip, and my son's DVD player, my camera docking station and cell phone charger on the inverter without blowing a fuse!
Tested all the way down the East Coast and back, 2400+ miles...

Here's where my future co-driver sits on cruises...
All the comforts of home, DVD & refrigerator, books and toys...
Just a lot less leg room...
I have done some work on her exterior...
* The first cosmetic change I did was add the pony package spinners. Thanks to my salesman, who traded for my stock centercaps, this was a "no-cost" upgrade! They definitely dress up the stock multispoke rims.

* The first mechanical change was to add the T-LOK differential for the 7.5" axle.
Imagine, $169 for a part that is the size and weight of a frozen chicken!

Had a lot of cars without the T-LOK and knew I needed one with my pony.
Besides, we have 5 seasons in VT... Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring and Mud...
Here's an example of how deep the mud gets on our hill... over 1/2 the tire sidewall...

Try 6" of mud with the stock axle and stock BFG tires on a hill!
Or after the T-LOK was installed with the stock BFG tires and an inch of snow!

1/4 mile with an ever increasing grade 10%-20% and sharper turns, with zero-traction tires.
Winter 2007, I dumped the stock BFGs for some Winterforce radials.


I actually can IDLE through 3" of snow with no tire spinning!
Of course, I can spin them if I want to...

They are awesome in the RAIN as well!! Where the stock BFGs hydroplane at 50, the Winterforces don't even at 95.
They are also Speed Rated to 112MPH.
Big improvement for those of you in snowy areas (not good on black ice however, don't ask!).
* My first safety mod was the upgrade to Sylvania Silverstar H13 ST headlights.

For anyone who has NOT upgraded their headlights, you gotta buy these bulbs!
* My second performance & second appearance mod in Spring of 2007 was the installation of the Pypes "True Dual" exhaust system with "X" pipe and Street Pro mufflers.

For the price of 1.5 Magnaflow mufflers, I got a complete exhaust kit!
From my perspective, it is the best mod ever, and it makes my little V6 stand out in any crowd.
The 4" tips are even larger than the tips on the GTs!

I've had GT owners mistake my 245 for a V8... I love it... (boy, that metalflake really pops on that Vista Blue! and yes, the tips have been centered since this photo was taken... and proof that the T-LOK works well, no tread left on the driver's side tire!)
Here's a quick video from when they were brand new:
Here's a short clip after they had about 8k on them. I was riding 3rd gear at 3000RPM on this flyby, they have mellowed since then:
Instead of simply cutting out the stock bumper, I added a GT-takeoff bumper. I'm glad I did as the Street Pros have FOUR inch tips and they do not look good on a stock bumper with cut-outs.
* My third appearance mod was the addition of Autobadges "245" emblems.

These were $10 each and gives the stang a subtle retro look (the 1970 Fords had engine displacement badge on the lower fenders as well. My old Torino had "429" badges... <sigh>... only thing it couldn't pass was a gas station...)
My wife purchased a Valentine 1 RADAR detector this year for me (already paid for itself

10, 20, 30, oh, Hell. . . a hundred times over!)

In 2010 I'll be looking for 17" rims, sway bars and sequential lights.
Thanks for visiting.
The short history of Maxxine:
04/05/06 Test drove Maxxine 3pm, picked her up at 8pm
04/06/06 Get pulled over for, umm... exceeding the posted limit (got a warning)
03/28/07 T-LOK limited slip differential & pony spinners installed
03/29/07 Sylvania Silverstars installed
04/18/07 Pypes True Duals w/ Street Pro mufflers & GT bumper installed
05/04/07 New "245" Badges installed
11/23/07 Winterforce radials installed
12/14/07 75,000 miles!
01/08/08 77,000 miles
01/29/08 79,000 miles
02/04/08 80,000 miles!
05/03/08 90,000 miles!
06/26/08 100,000 miles!
05/10/09 T-LOK dying, clutches are giving out.
06/13/09 138,000 miles!
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