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updated: Jun 26th 2006 @ 10:17 PM

Hey this is my 68 Mustang GT Convertible. The pictures on here now are old b/c right now it is in the shop having a ton of work done on it. It is getting:
Eleanor Front End
Eleanor Side Scoops
67 GT500 Hood
Shelby Trunk
Griffin Aluminum Radiator
Hedman Headers
2 Chamber Flowmasters
Shift Kit
LED Sequential Taillights
It's getting a lot more too b/c it will never be finished.
It is going to be a daily driver/show car.
Finally got some time to get back on and update a few things and added my 96 to the site.
The 68 has been sand blasted and I have to buy some new 1/4 panels b/c the old ones had bondo in them. Once I get those it will finally be time for paint. Thanks for all the rankings guys!!!

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Mar 31st, 2008 @ 11:48 AM


got ya ranked.great looking stang.plz check out mine and return the fav.

Feb 9th, 2008 @ 10:58 AM


Nice ride!! Ranked ya. Please rank me back when you have a sec.

Jan 23rd, 2008 @ 8:19 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT, and return the favor

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