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Miss Ellie's Modifications

updated: Aug 14th 2007 @ 07:39 PM
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11/16---> Personalized License Plate Frame <---11/16
11/21---> Installed Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust <---11/22
11/22---> Installed 3in. Exhaust Tips - Silverline <--- 11/22
12/25--->Stallion Medallion<---12/25
12/25---> Kenwood KDC-MP332 Deck <---12/25
3/30---> GotStang.Com Decals <---3/30
3/30---> Black Bumper Inserts <---3/30
3/30---> Sylvania Silverstar White Headlamps <---3/30
4/17--> Moroso Hi-Flow Air Induction <---4/17
4/17--->  BBK 70mm Throttle Body <---4/17
4/17---> BBK Shorty Chrome Headers <---4/17
4/17---> Motorcraft 100amp Performance Alternator   <---4/17
4/20--->   BBK Aluminum Underdrive Pulleys <---4/20
5/13--->  Cervini's 4'' Cowl Induction Hood  <---5/13
5/13---> [WAITING FOR INSTALL] Full Memphis Sound System [WAITING FOR INSTALL] <---5/13
^ More Stereo Details Coming Soon!! ^
5/20---> SCT Multi-Program Eliminator Computer Chip <---5/20

6/13---> Front & Rear Pony Emblem <---6/13
6/20---> [WAITING FOR INSTALL]  B&M Tork Master Torque Converter  [WAITING FOR INSTALL] <---6/20
^Thanks Wendy & John!!!^

Personalized License Plate Frame -- 11/16

Flowmaster American Thunder 2.5" Cat-back Exhaust (40 Series Mufflers) -- 11/22

Silverline 3" Chromed Exhaust Tips -- 11/22

Stallion Medallion -- 12/25

Kenwood KDC-MP332 Deck -- 12/25
Merry Christmas, Nay!!

GotStang.com Decal -- 3/30

Black Bumper Inserts -- 3/30

Moroso Hi-Flow Air Induction, BBK 70mm Throttle Body, Motorcraft 100A Alternator - 4/17

BBK Chrome Shorty Headers - 4/17

BBK Aluminum Underdrive Pulleys - 4/20

BBK 70mm Throttle Body -- 4/17
BBK on left, stock on right

Front & Rear Pony Emblem - 6/13

Our Progress Thus Far...

On May 20 2007, we attended the Mustang Appreciation Days at Fast Specialties in
Vancouver, WA, and enjoyed two free runs on their Mustang Dyno!


With our intake, catback, throttle body, pulleys and 92 octane:

202 horsepower at 4750rpm & 257 ft-lbs torqueat 3400rpm, at the wheels.
(Approximately 269 hp & 342 ft-lbs at crank; stock rating is 205/275!)
Click here to see the dyno sheet!

However, while we were there, we purchased and had installed our
SCT Eliminator chip and got to make two more runs. With the chip we produced:

210 horsepower at 4750rpm & 269 ft-lbs torque at 3300rpm, at the wheels.
(Approximately 280 horsepower & 359 ft-lbs crank horsepower)
Click here to see the dyno sheet!

We are fairly sure we had an exhaust leak at the time, too.



Ellie's New 4'' Cervini's Cowl Induction Hood - PAINTED

On July 29th, We took part in a discount-Dyno event at MAXRPM Motorsports in Bremerton, WA.  For $75 dollars, we walked off with:

Max RWHP = 246.80
Max RWTQ = 347.64

Dyno Sheet Coming Soon! \"smile\"

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Nov 15th, 2008 @ 1:53 PM


Hey guys! Will you please visit my site and rank me? I will do the same for you! Thanks!


Oct 12th, 2008 @ 8:04 PM


a beagle and fiberglass dont mix. i like the steeda front and rear wing but im not sure what i want to put up there yet. ive never seen one with both like yours but it looks good. i havnt been able to find the comp i got it from and its lower than saleen specs so im being picky about what i get and whether i want to change the color or not. im thinking of pearl white with dark red stripes with ghost flames in the stripes or redoing it like it is. what do u think? also, ill send u a friend request cause im new and have none yet. thanx

Aug 27th, 2008 @ 10:14 PM


Hi all,

Havn't been on for a bit, just had a new baby boy 8-16-08. Trace was 3 weeks early but he and My wife are doing good. He was due on my birthday but I guess he couldn't wait!!!

Just had to share!!!

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