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Sonic Cherry | '92 GT convertible

updated: Jun 6th 2012 @ 06:25 PM


1992 Mustang GT Convertible
Latest engine shot, 2012
AUTO ENTHUSIAST (ex-Mustang Enthusiast) - Cover car / Feb. 2012
MUSCLE MUSTANGS & FAST FORDS - June 2007 - "Guest Appearance" article



5.0 MUSTANGS & SUPER FORDS - June 2007 - "Custom Compulsion" article


MODIFIED MUSTANGS - October 2006 - "Wild & Sweet" article




Vortech S-trim Supercharger w/2.95" pulley
AFM 4" Powerpipe
Edelbrock Performer Heads
FMS 1.6 Roller Rockers
Typhoon Intake
Accufab 70mm Throttle Body
4R70W AOD-E w/Full Manual Valve Body
Cryogenically-treated Internals
Line pressure modulation/blow-through system w/TransGo bypass
Alto Red & High Energy Clutches
(Int 4, FWD 5, Rev 4, Direct 7)
10" Forged 3000RPM Lockup Converter w/large carbon lockup clutch
Welded Carbon OD Band, input shaft, high grade stub shaft
B&M Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler
BBK Shorty Headers [1 5/8"]
BBK H-Pipe w/Cats [2.5"]
MAC Flowpath Catback [2.5"]
MAC LX Chrome Tailpipes [2.5"]

Fluidyne Heavy Duty Aluminum Radiator
SN95 Electric Fan
Summit Racing High Flow Water Pump
2001 Bullitt Calipers / 13" Rotors
1995 GT Spindles/Rear Disc/Master Cylinder
Cross-Drilled, Slotted, Zinc Rotors
Wilwood Adjustable Proportioning Valve
FMS Stainless Braided Steel Lines
1995 Cobra Rear Axles

Bilstein HD Struts & Shocks
MAC Progressive Rate Springs [1.5"]
Full-Length Subframe Connectors [custom]
Steeda Rack Bushings
Maximum Motorsports C/C Plates


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ozz, wth happened to that cool dizzy cover?

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Very Very nice   got ya ranked

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Beautiful Car Love it Love it got my dime for it. Keep it up

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