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updated: Feb 13th 2007 @ 10:26 AM
Side ViewJSR Cruise
             New Wheels                             JackStandRacing Cruise
Car Motor                  Stock wheels pic         
       The Motor                                   Stock Wheels
JSR Sig         
2000 Mustang GT:Mods                               
Jet Hot Long tubes
Matching X-pipe
2 Chamber Flows                         
3.73 FRPP Gear
SCT Tuner Chip (6 settings)
C&L Plenum
BBK 75mm TB
UPR Short Throw Shifter
Eibach Pro Springs( 1 1/2 inch Drop)
FRPP Caster camber plates
Moser 31 spline axels 3" studs with T-LOK
Spec Stage 3+ Clutch(800tq)
Spec Flywheel
Centerforce TOB
Adujstable clutch quadrant and cable
Vortec V2-SQ Supercharger 11lbs
Ford GT Fuel pump
42# injectors....soon to be 60#
Black 2001 Bullit Wheels
mach 1 Chin spoiler
Grille Delete kit
3" Tips
3" Harwood Cowl Hood(currently black from coating)put the stock hood back on as of 2007
Auto meter Guages
Pin Shift light(For module and auto meter shift setting)
White face gauges
Smoked headlights
More to come soon......
Motor in process!!!!
UPDATE: 2000GT is up and running. Had a built motor put in it....all forged componets from manley...Cobra crank. I choose to stick with stock heads and cams till I get it back on its feet....(Stock Tranny is never good)...But the Boost at about 12 lbs...Right now everything is being maxed out....injectors, fuel pump, Mass air...etc. So I'm stuck at around 431 RWHP at this time....Sucks but at least I know it has a lot more in it....My goal is still 650 RWHP....So its definatley within reach now. Can't wait to get back in the driver seat to the new beast..!!!
Update: Have not been on here in ohhh id say forever...lol..
Well the 2000 is still down....but the good new is I bought another car...Yep a 1966 coupe. Car came with a 351...but that has already been removed and a GT-40 crate motor is in its place. More to come soon!!
[News] Well I looks like I have some bad news....Had the car over at a buddys garage fixin a small oil leak from the tap coming from the oil Pan. Noticed a very small miss coming from the motor.....when reved you can feel Blow by coming from the oil cap(when off) it comes in one poof so we figure its only one cylinder....This weekend I will be running a compression check on the motor so please pray for me.....I guess if its loosing some the New motor might get started sooner than I thought.

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check out new pics of newly painted stang sweet real flame paint job.

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