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updated: Aug 14th 2006 @ 08:41 PM
This is my '03 Mustang Gt.  The car was purchased in Oct of '02, and has recieved several bolt ons as the years have progressed.  A quick list goes as follows....
Steeda Pulleys
Accufab 75mm TB/Plenum
DiabloSport Chip
FRPP 3.73's
Steeda Tri Ax
Spec Stage II Clutch
Steeda C/C Plates
BBK catted X
Custom Mufflers
Steeda Sport Springs
SLP Line Lock
Weld Prostars w/MT E.T. Streets 
A few visual aids have been added as well...

MGW shifter handle
Roush Stage III Front
RedLine Tuning Hood Shocks
Black vinyl letter inserts
White face gauge cluster
Red painted interior 
XPEL 3M Bumper Cover
Grill Delete
This is how she looked before the accident.  All nice and clean with just a chin spoiler...


Here are a few pics after the accident with the new Roush front end. This just shows that uninsured/unliscensed 19 year olds are good for something right...

Here are a few pics since the grill delete and Welds!!!   
I took the car out to a local lake to snap a few more pics...


Im a hockey fan, so after the Hurricanes won the cup I ran to the RBC Center and snapped some pics.  I was in a rush since security was everywhere, so they are not the best pics, but do show the banners stating the Eastern/Western Conf Finals (aka winner takes the cup!!!)  GO CANES!!!

Here are a couple shots at car shows.  She still has the grill in the first pic, but she is all cleaned up in the 2nd...

Well I finally found a better server for my vids.  Both vids on page 5 now work, so enjoy!!! 

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