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The Story of UNCobra...

updated: Dec 20th 2010 @ 07:53 AM
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I bought this True Blue Mustang GT back in 2002, and had a Novi 1000 installed on the stock SOHC motor shortly thereafter by STEEN RACING. For my engine's safety sake, my next project was to add forged internals onto the 24 valve V8. But still I felt like there was something missing. The car I traded in on this one was a BLACK 1998 SVT Cobra. I loved my ragtop GT but it didn't have the same feel as owning a Cobra even though now it was faster than any stock Cobra of that time (430RWHP). So next I had a couple of my friends (vabstanggt, whitevenom99, 96steeda) waste another obscene amount of MY money in the creation of this. We spent long hours in putting everything together that you see here to make a once Strong Proud GT into an even STRONGER COBRA!!! I do apologize that I don't have any of the transformation pixs or many pixs for that matter. I'm Deployed again even though now I'm retired Navy. This time it's Afghansitan. Unfortunately I stil don't get much time with the UNCobra but I did manage to get the Kenne Bell Boosta Pump (40Amp) installed. I even got the nice red bushings put all around. My last action will be to get a tune when I make it home for a visit...one of these days. Now that my car is back in AR, I've found a place in Memphis that will do tunes. Maybe these guys won't let the return line for the Novi 2000 get pinched between the engine and fenderwall and blow the seal...not mentioning any names. The car still has less than 20000 miles on it and runs pretty sweet. The clutch is a little rough for normal driving so might have to go softer in the future, since I'm not running her at the track anymore it seems. Oh yea, should have left the C-stripes off the side...have started peeling after trips to the car wash...hope the "Fillers" are still okay ENJOY!!!
Did I mention she's a CONVERTIBLE???
You're Damn right!!!

Hop right in and let's go for a ride...

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Way cool stuff. neighbor/

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I have been gone for a while my self. great to be back...

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