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MACH 460 Wiring Diagrams

updated: Feb 11th 2006 @ 09:37 PM

The W3bMa5t3r's MACH 460 Information & Diagrams

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My 1998 Cobra Convertible was born on 01/14/1998, build #724 of 3480

All Work (including all custom work) was done by myself and some with a hand from my friends

The Information & Diagrams

Ok... I wanted to remove my front factory amp, use my new headunit and factory rear amps. I searched alllll over the internet and couldn't find much concerning what I was wanting to do. I did find wiring diagrams for the system and a few plug pinouts, but not anything in the direction I was trying to go.

So... With the wiring diagrams and the pinouts I did find, I first wired my headunit to the factory harness in which allows the new headunit to power the tweeters. This is easy.

What I wasn't able to find was how to still use the rear amps with my aftermarket headunit. Since normally the speaker signals are sent through the front amp and then to the two rear amps, I had to work around this.

What I did was take an RCA cable (two pair) and plugged it into the RCA PreOuts of my headunit. Front Left/Right. The RCA cable was the cut on the other end, exposing all for wires, 2 shields, 2 signal wires. I wired one pair to each of the low level signal wires heading to the rear amps. Thus my signal was all wired in.

Now, the next part is to turn on the rear amps when you turn your radio on. Normally, this is also done through the front amp (there is a remote turn on lead/wire from the factory head unit that turns the front amp on, and then it sends the same signal to the rear amps, turning them on), but since I wasn't using the front amp, I had to work around this also. I used the lead/wire from my headunit that usually would turn on the front amp and created a splice between the two wires that fed the "turn on signal" to the two rear amps and connected that with my lead from the headunit.

I now have a fully functioning system, minus the factory front amp. Which also gives me a little more room in that center console since I really needed it for the cables coming from the Mini-ITX computer in the rear, with Audio/Video/Data Cables...


Here is a Full Diagram of what I worked out:

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