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The New Stang (Exterior)

updated: Sep 13th 2008 @ 05:59 PM
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Here are some of the more recent pics of my 1994 Mustang GT. The only things done so far are,
 Front emblem delete.
Tokico shocks and struts.
Eibach springs.
BMR rear upper and lower control arms.
 Fr500 17x9 Fronts 17x10.5 rears.
 Pony center caps.
 Painted calipers.
 Cold air intake.
 Bassani offroad X-pipe and Bassani cat-back with dumps before the axle.
The Hooter Girls.
DSC00790.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00789.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00937.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
The engine that is currently installed. Check the mods Page for the rest of the mods being install right now as well.
DSC01070.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
This is the picture of my car that got chosen for the
 2008 GotStang Calendar (April).
DSC00948.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
Two things with power and look good.
DSC00943.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
A couple of pics I like that I took driving on the highway.
 DSC00934.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00823.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00935.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
These are with the suspension on and calipers painted.
 DSC00980.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00979.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00810.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00807.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00835.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo 
DSC00944.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00991.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
DSC00832.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
My Stang, before the mods, with my 2005 Excursion. The Family car, only thing done is the wheels for now, I might get a cat back for it.
DSC00490.jpg picture by Yumaguy_photo
These are before the suspension was put on and the calipers were painted.
The center caps that came with the wheels.
This is what it looked liked when I first got it, all stock except a cold air intake.

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Last 3 User Comments
Dec 6th, 2009 @ 2:55 PM


I've always thought the Cobra front looks best of all, ranked you 10! If you haven't already, please see my 66, 05 & son's wild, six-speed 02 S/C 5.4 4V SuperStang...he is Tribalstang on GS! 

Sep 20th, 2009 @ 9:46 PM


Awesome pics!  Ranked you a 10!!

Pop by and rank my supercharged 03 Centennial vert.  She's nominated in the car show too if you have time.  Cheers

Mar 24th, 2009 @ 10:42 AM


Nice ride.  I like all the views of the car.  Keep up the great work you have going

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