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updated: Jun 20th 2007 @ 12:59 AM
So these first two pictures are what I started with...

And this is where I am with it today... Starting with the interior...

I added real carbon fiber inserts all over, I bought a custom made polished stainless steel gauge bezel. I installed a glowshift three gauge pod on the pillar with air/fuel ratio gauge, oil temp. gauge, & water temp. gauge.  These gauges are tinted so they only show when the car is on otherwise they are all blacked out. I have a custom made Mach 1 cup holder overlay & thats it for inside!

One of the biggest differences on this car was the tinted windows. I went to a company in Anaheim called XLNTNT. They use a carbon based film that is extra dark outside & super tough. Some people have said bullit proof (after two layers maybe). As you can see I have the FR500 wheels. They are hypercoated silver with a polished lip. 18x9" in the front & 18x10" in the rear. I wrapped these in BFGoodrch's G-force T/A KDW's (best tire out if you ask me). I have Brembo cross drilled & slotted brake kit with Hawk ceramic pads to stop my beast.
My car has been lowered with the Eibach pro kit springs. I installed honeycomb brake light overlays, it tints them without actually tinting them. I also installed an FR bullit fuel door & a trunk key whole bezel ring.

Now for my engine...

Like I said before I have the aluminum 4V engine. This a great engine with good high end torque & pull. When I first got it it was stock 300rwhp 305tq. 3:55 gears in the 8.8 rearend & a manual transmission, plus decent sounding exhaust. I, unlike most of us was not satisfied with what I had, so I began the mod process... I started with the exhaust first. I went with Flowmaster catback with 4" tips to get that muscle car sound, then I did a free flowing catted Magnaflow x-pipe. The sound I got when I did the x-pipe was amazing. I was finally satisfied with my exahust. So I moved on to the air intake. I decided that C&L CAI kit with 85mm MAF inlet was the best for my Mach 1, better reviews & such for my specific car, plus as you can see it matches real well. Cosmetically I havent done a whole lot under the hood. I added a Steeda stainless steel radiator cover/plate & redline racing hood struts. I also had a custom made engine bay plaque made with the build date & my name, its just a cool added feature that makes it really feel like its mine & only mine! This Mach 1 is also equipped with a Steeda tri-ax short throw shifter.

I dont know how clar the picture will be, but I had a custommade grille delete lip made out of carbon fiber. Just another unique touch. I also installed a complete HID kit w/ fog lights. Great for night driving!

This car is rare enough as it is & I hope it will be a classic collector car some day. I do no hav plans to supercharge it or turbo charge it. If I could pick up a second one I would look into doing twin turbos on it though. I love that spooling sound after the exhaust lets off! I have few more mods to do in the future, but nothing is set in stone yet. A couple add ons here & there, but nothing serious. Im going to assume that this Mach 1 is putting down about 320+hp as of now. I havent had it dynoed & I havent chipped it yet so I dont know for sure. Thanks for looking at my car!


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Jun 24th, 2008 @ 10:35 PM


hey man.. anything new on your car? i dont ever see your car anymore since you are banned from svt lol.. where did you find the rubber thing on your intake thats orange? i cant find those anywhere. i have looked everywhere and even made posts. but still cant find them.

Feb 8th, 2008 @ 12:47 AM


Nice !! I ranked ya !! Please rank me back when you get a chance.

Feb 8th, 2008 @ 12:46 AM


Nice !! I ranked ya !! Please rank me back when you get a chance.

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