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Hey whats up. My nam e's Dante, and when people see me on the street with my car, they love what I drive. Alot of people in my area really don't have a mustang, and if they do, they just got it, and i'd say it's pretty nice. There are still alot of updates still to come, so keep checkin back, but as for now, I have the basic 232CI 3.8L V6, with true dual exhaust with an X-Pipe crossover, and flowmaster 50 series mufflers, which is not the best for that low tone V8 sound. I will be switching over to SLP Loudmouth mufflers, BBK shorty headers and Magnaflow high flow cats. For all you V6 lovers that love that V8 sound, getting the SLP's Mufflers will be a great upgrade to start to achieve that V8 sound. And always go with something like a 2.5 inch exhaust for a free flowing, non-restricting exhaust flow. Less restriction for the 3.8 motor is always better for sound and horsepower. I am getting a new cold air intake system. Underdrive pulleys will be another thing I plan on doing. Forced induction is somewhat tricky for a smaller engine, but there are some parts out there that will allow you to achieve and install an overhead supercharger from the 4.6. Down below ar some more pictures, and an explanation on what I will be doing with each snapshot. Thanks guys for being intersted. I'll be back on soon, thanks for checkin out my site...
Exhaust Snapshot & future plans.
Origional Y-Pipe. What they did was take an old Y-Pipe from another car and welded it to this one reversed, which made the "X" format.   " :::::--::::: "


Flowmaster 50 series Mufflers, but will be switching to the SLP Loudmouth Mufflers for deeper, more distinct sound. Also allows for better free flow, which will allow the V6 to sound more like a V8.
Origional Y-Pipe. What they did was take an old Y-Pipe from another car and welded it to this one reversed, which made the "X" format.   " :::::--::::: "
Custom X-Pipe crossover, will stay the same after muffler mods.

I have my great system, 1, 600 Watt RMS Pioneer Monoblock Amp running at 4 Ohms, 2, 1000 watt Kicker Comp 10" Subwoofers, (Running Parallel). I did the system from head to toe, including my high clarity speakers myself.
I just upgraded my audio system from what I had before, now with a Alpine V-Power 400 Watt amp for the mid-range and high-range sounds. the clarity is beautiful!! 2 Pioneer 3-Way Speakers in the rear deck, 2 Infinity Mini-Subs in the doors, Boss Audio voice drivers within the rear seat frame, and 2.5'' Tweeters on the side mirror panels. The speakers practically scream!
Mach audio Speakers, but eliminated the Resistors within the wiring for so now they are running straight from the power of the amp. Crisp, clear treble. (Note: the clarity for non-amplified highs was amazing before the amp. Now they're crystal clear.)
My V6 is a 5-Speed Manual, it's pertty quick and chirps 2nd, and 3rd gear.
This is my basic 3.8 engine. I will be doing some upgrades, such as underdrive pulleys, aftermarket throttle body, K&N Intake, polished valve covers, all polished aftermarket upgrades, high end spark plugs and wires, and 39LB injectors. 
Rear image of my car, can see a little bit of the tip of my exhaust. I kept my tips low profile, because I have a body kit ordered, and will make it easier to install the body kit over the Exhaust tips.

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Dec 9th, 2009 @ 11:16 AM


Nice ride, gotcha ranked! If you haven't already seen my 'Stangs please take the time!

Oct 29th, 2009 @ 4:22 PM


Nice car! Keep the pics coming! I ranked your site.
If ya haven't already, please stop by and rank my site.

Thanks in advance!

Oct 29th, 2009 @ 4:12 PM


Welcome to the site. There are quite a few things to do here. Let me know when you have some pics up & I'll be back to rank you. 
 Please stop by and rank my site. Check out all the pages. My wife's '66 Mustang has a page, and I have a page for my '64 Thunderbolt clone.

Thanks in advance!

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