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The day I got Her

updated: Jul 27th 2007 @ 11:09 PM
Well I searched far and wide for my beautiful Sonic Blue Mustang!!  I wanted the new body style and I was pretty set on what I wanted!!  I started my search January 05,  but didnt find what I wanted until Febuary 14th!!  Hince her name is Aphrodite!!   I drove 2 hrs to go pick her up from the dealer.  When I drove up on the lot she took my breath away!!
                                                 JUST GIVE THE KEYS!!


                                        MY STOCK EIGHT CYLINDERS!!!




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Apr 25th, 2008 @ 1:20 PM


You Got Ranked! Check Out My 2002 Sonic Blue Steeda GTR.

Apr 4th, 2008 @ 1:17 AM


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Whats up everyone? I'm new to Gotstang and the Military Stangs Group figured I'd stop in say hi and introduce myself. The names Ryan I'm a BM1 in the Coast Guard staitoned in NY. If you get the chance stop by my site and say hi. I'm on here alot I run a mustang competition and community team in NY called Stangpede which are Nationwide. If anyone is in the area let me know if you wanna be apart of some serious stuff. You can find me here alot doing alot of faceoffs against the big wigs on here trying to fight down the popularity contests I see happening. If yo know what I mean. Well see ya'll around

Mar 7th, 2008 @ 4:47 AM


That's a really hot car you got there.  Nice choice on the rims too.  The side exhaust and duck wing give it almost a fastback kinda feel.  Awsome color too.  All around 10.

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