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updated: Nov 16th 2007 @ 09:09 PM

Our daughter Jen was thinking 'bout klunking me over the head and stealing the car...

A couple years ago I got to have this beauty for a couple hours. Drove like a dream, didn't wanna give it back!!!!! 

Hanging out in front of a KC-135 Tanker







      This a longtime member of our family. My wife bought it as her first car in 1977 for the killer sum of $1800.00 and street raced it around colo spgs. We met and married in 1980. The car is powered by a .30 over 351 4v cleveland. It is balanced, uses a crane cam, ford dizx aluminum intake with a holley 650 w/vac secondaries.  The exhaust is 3' pipes from the headers to a set of 50 series flowmasters that exit through factory oval tips. A fmx automatic sends stuff to a 2:75 rear. Nice highway gears  Rims are 14x6 and 15x8 Cragar Dragstars.  Mustangs are sooooo much fun.....




































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Jan 4th, 2009 @ 8:25 PM


great Mach, gave you a ten!

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