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Sonic Blue Mustang GT

updated: Sep 7th 2008 @ 11:20 PM
 Sonic Blue Mustang GT 
Why just be Blue, when you can have a little Silver too enhance your life ?
In 2002 Ford produced a new color called Sonic Blue . Its like a flip/flop color when you look at it in the light , changeing from a metalic blue to a purple color. It was offered from 02 -04 models.
  •  In march 2002 this car rolled off the assembly line in Dearborn,MI.and was delivered to a Ford dearler in Mississippi area.
  • 1st purchase was local owner, bought it with 30 miles, and drove it for 21,700 miles from 03/2002 to 12/2004
  • Car was then traded back in to the dearler and sent to the Ford dearler auction only and transfered to my local dearler and sat on lot till 02/05.
  • 2nd purchase was me in 02/13/05 with 22,700 miles.
  • curently car just clicked 46,000 in April of 2008
  • 23,300 miles driven by me
This is how it sits today with mods so far:
   All work was done by myself :
                                  Car is set up for driveing and showing:  
Mustang club of America     places me in the modified class for haveing more than 3 major modifications 

02 Mustang GT


   Ford People are  
 2002 Ford Mustang GT......VIN....1fafp42x32f185657........build date.....03/2002
F..driver &pass. a/b &active belt restraints
P.. passenger car
42.. Mustang GT coupe
X.. engine  4.6l..sohc..225 stock hp
3.. check digit
2.. year...2002
F.. assembly plant ....  Dearborn,mi.
185657.. production number sequence of fords MADE IN 02... 185657 FORD PRODUCT MADE IN 02



data plate:

ext. paint..SN... Sonic Blue  clear coat
interior...U2... shadow twill cloth/medium graghite
      option.... ( dealer installed leather seats )
radio... Mach 460 6-disk
axle....LE....limited slip diff. traction lok
trans.... U... 4 speed auto/od




production facts;

  • in 2002  @ 142,404  Mustangs were built with ( only 100 Cobras built that were sent to australia) not included in number. of the colors built  only @ 2896  were the color Sonic Blue.
  • GT's came standard with a 5-speed trans.... auto was a option either ordered by the customer or dealer.
  • Leather was standard or optional depending on base model.. dealers had an optional leather package they could add to cars for customers.. came w/o pony  eblem.
  • 2 radio's   mach 1000 and 460
  • traction-lok  was and option
  • Of the 2896 .. only like 1/4  few were convertibles and GT's ... with the option of auto trans fewer!  so a GT or vert with auto trans Sonic Blue is loaded out is rare! the only one more rare is the electric green 02 Mustangs


Before and after pics   










Page set up is like ------------->  page 1......... information bout car overall pics
                                                      page 2 ........ interior & trunk
                                                     page 3 ......... undercarriage
                                                     page 4 ......... engine
                                                     page 5 .........Mustang pics
                                                    page 6 ..........
                                                    page 7 ......... my 02 f-150 as of now ( under construction )


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Sep 7th, 2013 @ 7:30 AM

Great job building your site.
Beautiful F150 - great job on the mods.
Got you ranked.

Sep 20th, 2009 @ 9:45 PM


Awesome!  Ranked you!!

Pop by and rank my supercharged 03 Centennial vert.  She's nominated in the car show too if you have time.  Cheers

Dec 16th, 2008 @ 6:27 PM


Welcome to GS!!! nice stang,like the blue and silver,looks good. I got ya ranked,get a chance check out my 1HOTPONY...

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