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Back in 2002 was looking for a performance car. Had a Chevy SS (409) way back when. Checked out Chevy availability to find out they were no longer in the ballgame (did not want to take a mortgage for a Corvette).

Only player in town was Ford with their Cobra/Mustang offerings. Did not see the benefit to a pricey Cobra (was not supercharged). Decided on a Mustang. Was set on a MInieral Grey until this bright object caught my eye. A Zinc Yellow convertible . hmm This would be great. Would be at a light , teen next to me would look over and say “You old fart what they heck are you doing with a car like that”. Sold…..

Lasted a few thousand miles until the modify bug got me to void every warranty except for the Radio and the rag top.
Built the bottom end (Forged crank, CP pistons, Manley Rods) preparing for a Vortech SQ. 390rwh not to bad.. 42# Injectors, Lightning MAF.Upgraded the backend with Moser 31 spline and Eaton. MT ET streets now ready to go. Oh yea 4:10 gears. Track times 12.3 114 mph.

Next I tried a Reichard intake. Got up to 441rwh.
The power improvement was great but wanted a better looking intake.

Decided on one of the best intakes around , Kenne Bell 1.7. Sold the Vortech components. Holy crap…. What a difference around the street . Instant neck snapping boost. Around the same rwh. Torque was noticed down low. Slam the gas and bang no longer needed a chiropractor.
I then proceeded to port the heads (VT Stage 2) and Comp XE270 cams. Through a 14# pulley on. 55# injectors. Dam… 500rwh…
Track times ET 11.968/ 119 mph.
Problem was driver and traction. Best 60’ was coming out at idle 1.69.

The blower was actually maxed out. Heat/ Detonation were always a concern.

Next up 2.2 KB.
Upgraded fuel system : dual focus 255lph pumps with #8 fuel line.
SCT 2800 MAF. 65# injectors, 8 rib pulley system, 7.5” crank 2.75 pulley.
Mild tune 605rwh/563TQ. 93 Octane. (timing 13* down low 16* up top).
100 rwh/tq more at 6200 rpm than the 1.7. Belt slipping.
Ended with best of 630rwh and 550tq.
With all the torque down low noticed torque boxes were cracking. Had to re-enforce.
Next 2.6 KB
Updated the engine to a stroked 302.
Also went with a custom 3" exhaust. Restriction reached almost 10# of back pressure.
Hooker headers , hooker x-pipe and hooker maxflow eliminate exhaust restriction.
With 104 octane and 23 degrees of timing reached 643rwh and 623tq. 20# boost.
Belt slipping at around 5000. Should be able to gain a few more .
Day at the track was really hot. Track was not prepared. Everyone slipping . Crappy 2.0 60ft.  100mph in the 1/8, et of 11.5 at over 128mph.
Weakest point was the 3650 transmission. Limit was 300tq at the flywheel. Acquired an upgraded T56 which is designed to handle 750+ rwtq.
Now the weakest point is the driver.
I have decided to go automatic. Purchase a FB Performance manual drivebody AOD with overdrive. I hope this will get me into the 10's.
Got to the track. 10.6 @ 135.. Soft launch (1.81 60'). Low 10's high 9's possible.

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