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87 Mustang GT T-Top

updated: Sep 12th 2008 @ 12:42 AM
 Hi and thanks for checking out my 87 mustang. The pics that are shown are all I have at this time it is stock with some custom stuff but as of right now it has no interior in it cause I am changing it all making it look like I want I am still wondering if I am going to change the outside any or not I think when it is said and done it will be a different car all together but I wanted to share to you what I have it isn't much but I am proud of it and still want to make improvements to it so the only pics that you see is all I have I have pics of the work I am doing but looking at them are scary lol. Well I just wanted to share my story and I hope by next year I will have it done I am hoping to have the interior at least I am still thinking on what to do next. Thanks for your time and I will blog about it when I can so sorry if it will be awhile before I add new pics of it take care and enjoy!!
  This is the pic of the engine all stock mainly has mass air now and a few goodies but it will be all different when I am done.

here is the pic with the engine noting special and the side.

here is the only pic I have of the dash it is not in the greatest shape but I have a new black dash to fit in it .

just the seats there in great shape for the age of the car.

here is the seats and carpet I don't  like the interior and right now it is all out getting a make over so it is an old pic.

Is is just a pic of the T-tops It is getting harder to find the T-Tops now this is my 2nd T-Top car I like them and you can see the grey interior which I don't like which at the momment is out of the car going black and custom and also the Saleen decal.

well you can see that I live on a farm in the country in this pic so it is hard to keep it clean but it is all good it has the saleen wing clear lx ights and the clear 3rd brake light I didn't know how I would like the wing and the lights but with the color I though it look ok.

The side view here show the Z3 fenders the 18in cobras and the saleen side skirts and the decals and the shaved door handles I want to set up a side exhaust system on it.

I wanted to get a close up of the stalker and hood I have always love that combo together to me it makes it look mean.






































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Sep 4th, 2013 @ 5:19 AM


That is a rockin' Fox!  I love the t-top!

Ranked you up there!

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