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Sneaky Pony-Exterior

updated: Sep 16th 2009 @ 04:55 PM
 This is my '67 Mustang the day it came home. (June 1995) 
Sorry about the poor pictures. Didn't have my 35mm camera. Borrowed a 110 instamatic. This is long before I started my revamping project.
Car had a ten inch steering wheel and GT gas cap that I changed the first day. It was a little rough negotiating parkin' spaces with the tiny steering wheel.
This is how she looks today. Put the grille assembly on about six months after I got it. I have original red, white, and, blue running horse emblems that go on front quarter panels with the 289 V symbols. Previous owner took them off, drilled holes in panel, and, glued GT emblems in. Unfortunately the emblems I have don't line up. Not in mood to do body work and try to match pearl paint.
Swapped out original headlights with blue halogen high intensity bulbs about a year and a half ago. Need to do foglights next.
There were stickers on the back window glass. My youngest daughter was four years old when I got the car and begged me to leave this sticker on. She's twenty and still laughs about the sticker today.





 Check this site out if you get a chance. It's a riot.



































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