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My 3 Mustangs

updated: Jan 14th 2010 @ 06:29 PM
Yes I own three Mustangs.

My first love of Mustangs goes all the way back to being very young and seeing old polaroid pictures of my dad's 1967 fastback. With cheater slicks, small steering wheel, and a "high in the sky" muscle car rear rake, I always thought that car was the pinnacle of cool. So I had to get my own pony as soon as I could.

I own a 1998 V6 auto in Vermillion Red Tri-Coat. This was the first car I bought and paid for myself, in my own name, with my own money.

Then I bought the Vintage Burgundy 1966 coupe with a 302 and auto. It was an older restoration done by a first timer. It's not perfect, but it runs good, and looks good enough while doing it.

Next I bought a 2003 Mach 1. Zinc Yellow with 5spd, and no IUP. This car is an absolute blast to drive. It's got all the new car features and safety with all of the old muscle Mustang appeal and style. What could be better?

The only tough choice is which one to drive... hmmmm

Visit one of my other pages for detailed info and more pics of each Mustang. Thanks for visiting!


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Dec 26th, 2007 @ 8:23 AM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT, and return the favor

Dec 24th, 2007 @ 11:25 PM



                                            BY:  MUSTANGGIRL03            

HO,HO,HO-Illinois got more snow

BSTANG's doors are iced shut

Fell & nearly broke my butt!

Midwest weather-Ba Humbug!!

You can keep the rain, the ice, the snow

Arizona is where I want to go!!

Apr 10th, 2007 @ 8:40 AM

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