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updated: Feb 21st 2016 @ 02:28 PM
Since I have 2 cars and I like to have them both displayed. I'll write about them both here, all in one shot.  Howz that?!?
My 1968 Mustang hardtop coupe, "L.B." is Vermillion Red with a black vinyl top. Has a rebuilt stock 289cc engine, C-4 auto transmission, black deluxe interior with woodgrain accents, stock seats with adjustable headrests, upper stock console with map lights, lower Shelby console with woodgrain center and Stewart Warner Greenline Oil Pressure and Temperature gauges, Shelby Cobra walnut shift handle, vintage 14" X 8" Magnum 500 wheels with aftermarket 3-bar Magnum 500 spinners. It's a joy to drive and turns many a head! It was converted from single exhaust with a glasspack muffler to FlowMaster Series 40's dual exhaust. It has also been converted from a 2bbl stock system to a 4bbl system with an Edelbrock 1406 carburetor. I did the work on a weekend with a couple of friends' help. The upper and lower control arms (ball joints already installed), tie rod ends & strut rod bushings have all been replaced, The stock front swaybar has been replaced with a Shelby one that is a bit more heavy duty. The front springs have been replaced with Global West springs. I have a set of Global West subframe connectors to have welded on at some point. My next project with it is to cool it down as it tends to overheat. I am changing out the radiator hoses and adding a spring to the new bottom hose, replacing the stock water pump with an Edelbrock high-flow aluminum pump, and replacing the stock 4-barrel manifold with an Edelbrock aluminum one, Following that I begin the transformation of the body to a Shelby coupe, much like the Green Hornet only it will be red with a black vinyl top. I have all the rear end pieces: Shelby decklid and end caps, tail light fiberglass mounting piece, LED Shelby tail lights, rear valance with cutouts for the dual exhaust, and new backup lights. May go with a little larger exhaust extension than the two-inch that is currently on there. Needless to say, I will be getting busy on all of this as soon as all the rain, wind, and cold leaves the Seattle area.
My 2006 Mustang coupe, "EVO" is Legend Lime with black GT stripes (and is protected with a black front sport bra on the lip of the hood), black rear spoiler and black front chin spoiler. It's a 4.0L (6-cylinder) all stock, 5-speed manual transmission, charcoal interior (which I converted from cloth to leather, all billet accessory knobs inside, custom billet shift ball engraved with "V6" on it, silver/black carbon fiber dash/maplight/console and door trim. The stock 16" wheels have been upgraded to 19" smoked hypersilver Shelby wheels off of a 2011 Shelby, after installing GT shocks/struts and lowering the car with Steeda Sport Springs and converting the single exhaust to Pypes catback dual mids & X-pipe with Magnaflow dual mufflers/tips. The engine bay has commanded a lot of attention in two major magazines--5.0 Mustang & Super Fords & Mustang Times. It has custom-painted plenum cover in Legend Lime/black, Legend Lime radiator cover & extensions, Legend Lime/black shock tower covers, custom billet fuse box cover w/tri-bar pony logo, Legend Lime cold air intake w/matching green air filter, red pony billet engine caps by Shelby, neon green tubing, custom Granatelli Sports ignition wires in green & a 60K pack, SCT tuned, pulls 253HP on the dyno, and yes ... all work was done by me.  It too, is a joy to drive and has absolutely no trouble keeping up with the V-8's. You want to bear in mind that originally, this car was plain Jane snot green. it didn't even have a spoiler, plain charcoal interior, and even came with black steel wheels and hubcaps (which I later found out was a rarity and probably shouldn't have sold them). Shortly after I bought it, I ordered a green spoiler for it and then had a shop stripe the car. They did such a horrid job that I had them remove the stripes and refund my money. In the process of removing the stripes from the spoiler, they damaged the paint. I had to have the spoiler repaired and repainted black. I was able to get that done in trade for 3 large pizzas. Now it looks great and I love driving it . It has made 2 trips to Buena Park, CA for the Fabulous Fords Forever Show and to Las Vegas, 2 trips to Sturgis for the Mustang Show there, through the Black Hills in South Dakota, through the Badlands, to Devil's Tower, twice to the Bonneville Salt Flats, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Crater Lake, Mount St. Helens, and everywhere in between. It has just over 100K on it and although has a few rock chips here and there, still looks great. I plan to have it repainted one day to refresh it. Just have to come up with the dough to do it. For having this many miles on it, the engine bay is easily tidied up just before shows and doesn't look like a car with this many miles on it.

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Nov 22nd, 2008 @ 8:52 PM

Replying to:
Did you order the car this way or did you do the work yourself? I did all the work to my car myself. The car was just a base model that I totally customized myself. Changed it from single exhaust to true dual exhaust, did all the real carbon fiber work myself. Changed the cloth seats out and fitted the GT leather seats. Changed out the suspension to GT suspension. Put on the Tunable Induction cold air intake and did the SCT tune. Had my V6 dyno'd at 256HP at the crank, 215RWHP, 134mph in 4th gear at 5600rpm. Took it to the Bonneville Salt Flats and buried the speedo. Now I need at least a GT speedo in it to register how fast it can go.

I did a whole lot of the work on the Roush myself. I ordered a stage 3, which comes with the SC and the Roush suspension. I then changed out the hood, added the hood pins, front grille, side and window louvers and changed out the exhaust. Then I went inside the car and while Roush put in the leather and carbon fiber, I added the push button start, oil, voltage, boost, temp, and A/F gauges. It's funny but of all the things I did to it, the water temp has given me the most trouble. I thinkg it was just the gauge though, but I figured other things would have been a bigger hassle.

As far as my V6 goes, I found it on a lot with the Performance package, they call it already on it. I love the Mach 1 look it has so I just added the rear louvers. I figured as a DD I didn't want to change it that much.

The Roush gets up and goes! I've had it around 135 on the track and it does about 112 in the 1/4. The V6 really surprised me. I honestly don't think it could get out of it's own way if it had too.

Nov 22nd, 2008 @ 5:40 PM


Welcome to GS ! let me know when you get your pics up and I'll come back and rank ya. Get a chance check out my 1hotpony.Sorry can't rank you without pics,wouldn't be ranked right if I did. I really don't see how anyone could rank you without pics,but I'll be glad to rank you once pics are up. again Welcome to GS!!!!!!!

Mar 10th, 2008 @ 9:33 AM


got ya ranked. plz return the fav and if you have time check out n4arides site.

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