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Project TPS Reports

updated: Nov 30th 2007 @ 11:04 AM

Project TPS Reports

It started normally enough. Just a need to go fast all the time,
so a simple 03 Mustang GT was purchased and slightly modded. Little stuff
like big brakes, subframe connectors, seats, etc... All the little mods really
made a drivability difference and exposed the real power deficit that the little
281cid OHC engine suffered from.
Trying to get maximum use of the power that was on tap an independant rear
suspension and bilstein coil overs were added all the way around. The IRS was
a great feeling and decent handling setup but there were shortcomings.
I wasn't happy with the fragility of the IRS, and after breaking it
severely 3 times I said the heck with it and went back to the 8.8"
solid axle but now with a Maximum Motorsports torque arm and panhard bar.
I decided that it was time for a power upgrade and I initially looked
to N2O. I thought maybe a 4.6 and 125hp of nitrous would be enough. Wrong.
Note to self, there's no such thing as "enough".
Then it hit me. Why not just drop in a 5.4L? It'll make more power
than the 4.6 and be easier on the motor than nitrous or a blower. So parts began
to accumulate. First intake adapter plates and intakes were collected.
And another intake and all kinds of little intake tract parts, fuel
system parts and some custom roll bar work to seal up loose ends. The car was
finally approaching a state that I could install the tall deck motor.
Then more motor parts, more fuel system parts and a Oil Air Separator of my
own design and construction found their way in to the project. OHC cars aerate a lot
of oil and drink it into the intake. This is bad, so the OAS is a very important
component to keeping the new high compression engine breathing clean pure air.
3 sets of ported heads and a pair of 5.4L blocks gave me parts to build from
and parts to use for all the mockup work for new parts designs. I would have been
happy with any one of the block/head combos but the extra bits made the ideal pairings
much easier to come by. I added a nice set of Comp cams to make the heads worth it
and we are off to the races.
Porting my HPS Hardball'R intake was intended to shorten the runners
and open up the inlets. After the big stuff a simple port match to the runner
exits for the heads and adapter plates.
Engine completed on the stand and just about to go in. A very exciting time
for a lot of people. The motor went in without any real hassle despite the size
and mounted up just like the 4.6L. The hardest part was really the waiting.
Engine going in with all the little bits being installed.
Finally got all the parts hooked up and the hood clearanced and it's ALIVE!
Some Pics of the whole car. You'll want to know it for when it runs you down.


20071125: I spent about 4 hours pulling out all the Autometer gauges and the associated
rats nest of wires to get my new Volt gauge in and fix some ground crosstalk issues that had been nagging at me.
20071126: I have a dyno run scheduled for day after tomorrow. Pretty excited to see what it all comes out to on this version of the combo.
Dyno graphs.
The one on the right is the 5.4 which is running a full point rich and with
a little timing pulled out for the first run. I only ran the pulls to 5500rpm.
There's at least another 700rpm in it but longtubes come first.

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Feb 6th, 2008 @ 3:48 PM


Looking good !!!  Ranked you. Please rank me back.

Jan 19th, 2008 @ 8:25 PM


Ranked you10! See my ProCharge 'D' 05 Roush getting a Livernoise Stroker & 6-Speed and my 66 GT Vert getting the Roush's 4.6 3V & 5-Speed once the swaps begin! ALSO, DO A SEARCH ON GS FOR MY SON "TRIBALSTANG" WE DID A S/C 5.4 DOHC WITH T-56 (720 RWHP) IN HIS 02 GT BACK IN 03! OTHER THAN WEARING OUT BLOWER BELTS TO OFTEN, IT RUNS GREAT!

Jan 10th, 2008 @ 1:16 PM


awsome site, great pics and info.  Ranked ya

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