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Build up and pics

updated: May 28th 2013 @ 09:42 PM
First things first, have to get this thing out of there.
Thats much better.. now time to clean up and get the new 2.3t monster ready to drop in :-).
Here it is :-).. the crown jewel of my engine.. freshly ported/rebuilt head with a nasty little cam.




All the gauges I neeeed.. fuel pressure, a/f ratio and booooost \"smile\"..
time for lots of wiring..
look a t5 and more wiring :-(..
And more wiring \"smile\"
All that's left is to wire up the fan \"smile\"
Done :-D still need to make it nice and neat though but it works \"smile\"
I know its been awhile sense I put anything in here, and im sorry to say I have no new pics due to lack of camera :-/. I did a 88 gt brake upgrade and threw on some fresh shocks, now all 4 are new and I have a bit more braking power :-D. ran in to a few bumps in the road during the swap but nothing to major but its good now \"smile\". new shocks, rotors, pads, calipers and hoses :-D!! Oh and I got a new dash pad, next upgrade will be a chip and injectors!! but that wont be for a few months.

Id Recommend Magnaflow to anyone... Flowmaster, ill never recommend. in fact id advise against it if you can help it.
So.. because the gobbler is taking a breather I starting thinking... how can I make this mofo even more awesome? Hmm bigger turbo? Chip + injectors? Oh the Possibilities! well I actually know exactly what im going to do however I wont be able to actually do it for 2 years max... so in the mean time ill just start hording what I can MUAHAHAHAHA! First thing on the list was this...

MUAHAHAHA! The Holset WH1C! I scored this sucker off ebay for $166 shiped, no play in the shaft just need to clean it up a add a bit of fresh paint.

This sucker is big!

Ill get a side by side pic of this and my 16g soon \"smile\"
I dont think Iv ever shown my throttle body or intake mods on here, now that I have the engine out and the intake manifold off ill give you all a peek.

Im sure I dont have to tell you witch size I use now lol.

Ill post up my intake manifold pics tomorrow \"smile\"
So again.. while iv got the intake off I figure ill give you guys a peek inside. sorry about the dates on the pics my camera battery's died and I didn't feel like resetting the date. 
lol you can see some of my comics in the back ground >.> 

Check it out! I cleaned up and repainted the compressor housing :-D

I had to use my cell phone for this pic, next Ill clean up the turbine housing and center section.

So far everything is progressing slowly, but progressing! I have just about everything taken care of was far as the fire is concerned now I just have to start putting things back together, ill have some pics up tomorrow, my main issue is money. As far as the engine goes its clean again and looking good, if made a few upgrades, in fact I'm waiting on the last part I need now witch I wont get until April or mid May and by that time all ill have left to do is put the engine in and tune that little monster :-D. Just in time!

Out with the old..

In with the different but still old \"smile\".

I got this gt 7k tach off ebay for amount cheap enough that I dont care to remember, I got this so next year after I beef up the bottom end ill raise the cut off to 7k!! Its going to be a BEAST!! With this tach I can keep a factory look and its cheaper then a giant aftermarket tach. Just to let anyone who may actually be reading this and may actually have a 2.3t and want to try this, iv noticed from what iv seen so far that these v8 tachs dont have the engine selector switch (turns out intalling a switch wont do anything)  in them, so I guess its v8 by default. I installed one in mine, I had a spare 79' cluster sitting around so I just swapped it out and its pretty simple. I also ditched that crappy factory orange back lighting for my cluster and made it light up green, it matches my gauges and reminds me of my old 88.. and it looks better of course :-D.


I took some side by side pics of the big 16g I ran on my old set up and the Holset WH1C Ill be running on this set up, take a look.

As you can see, the Holset is much bigger.
This is just a quick mock up pic I took, cant wait.
So, the egine is now in, all I really need to at least start this beast are freash spark plugs, my intercooler kit and my exhaust manifold. If things go according to plan Ill be driving this beast next month, but how often does that happen.


Its in the mail \"smile\"
Ok people check it out, i finaly am able to work on the stang again. so today the goal was going to be to install my new header and turbo, however i ran into a snag as usual. My current issues are:
*i need to make new turbo oil lines and relocate the drain line to the pan
*need to cut the intercooler piping for a better fit
Those are the only issues i am concerned about. The big problem is i have limited time. here is a mock up pic

I just need to move the intake piping to the right like half an inch and cut some off the the hot side and ill be good to go, also i need to rotate the center housing alittle.

Ha, Its been 3 years since Iv updated haha... wow. Well last year I bit the bullet and had the Stang shipped to where I am currently stationed, it was that or sell it. Since iv had it shiped Iv finished all the little things and got it runing again and now its SPEED DENSITY!! standalone baby woo. There Isn't much left to do right now, There are a few minnor things I have to take care of witch are not really worth mentioning at the moment. Ill be posting pics and video fairly often not that Finally have the Stang with me again. Stay tuned.


Ok so I have some photos here from my AJE k-member install that I did ALONE! it was a huge PITA! but I got it done. I would not recommend this K-memeber to anyone with a 2.3 because the engine mount design cause's way to much vibration even with rubber bushings.







It settled to its normal ride hight after some cruising around, Here's a pic of the SVO tach and speedo gauges the v8 tach expariment didn't work.




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Oct 10th, 2010 @ 1:31 PM

“” where im from. anything that has 4 cyl is declared a ricer. no matter if it has turbos, s/c, etc... because they see it like this, if a honda civic has 4 cylinders and a set of twin turbos and n2o and a fox body mustang thats 4 cylinder with the same set up, they are the same. therefore called ricers, thats the only reason i said it like that, im not trying to offend you in any way but thats just how i grew up and what cars like yours are called around here.

Oct 7th, 2010 @ 11:01 PM

Replying to:
Replying to:
but why a 4cyl? why waste the money on a 4banger when you can buy a 302, stroke it to a 347 or something, and turbo it. youd get twice as much or more Horses and spend the same amout of money or less....? i just dont get it.
Originally this was just going to be a swap, stock for stock, just the stock turbo coupe engine just for some cheap extra power untill i got the money together for the v8 build i wanted to do originally. But the more i messed with it the more it grew on me, i spent a far amount of money so far but nothing crazy. there are those who have gone faster with less money then i spent with 2.3t, this car will run a 12, and when im done this new set up ill be in the 11's im sure. You would really have to mess around with one of these to really get it. when i first heard about them i brushed it of pretty quick, but then once i saw the potential of these little engines  and how rediculously cheap and easy it was to start off i couldnt resist, also i was pretty broke at the time. if i took the money i spent on this engine and put it toward a v8 i dont think i would be making much more power. Its a hobby.
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aight man, i kinda see why ya did what ya did now. i like it anyways, even if it is a ricer on STERIODS. HAHA. nice have a good one.

Oct 3rd, 2010 @ 7:33 PM

“” but why a 4cyl? why waste the money on a 4banger when you can buy a 302, stroke it to a 347 or something, and turbo it. youd get twice as much or more Horses and spend the same amout of money or less....? i just dont get it.

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