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Rebirth *Update*

Well, if you looked in the frickin sucks section you know I hit a guard rail and the stang is a bit ugly to say the least, anyway I cant afford the body work or the down time right now, so I'm going to get a new 2.3 stang in better condition or equal to what I started with and swap all my goodies over, this section will be dedicated to the process of me re-swapping and all my goodies from this stang to the next one i get, it will be a while though I  need more money.
Just hours ago I bought another stang that will become the new and improved embodyment of project low budget.
I got it for 600 bucks it runs, and is in much better shape then my current one was when it bought it and I cant wait to swap everything over, and Ill have more info and of course pics in a few days :-D get ready for chapter 2!
So, I'm sure at least one person has read this section. I'm not even going to bother posting this car's pics in this section because Im not going to use it for the original purpose I bought it for, I broke rule #1 and bought it in the dark. HOWEVER instead Ill use this one.
Im going to pick it up this weekend, IN THE DAY TIME WITH A FRIEND! this time no mistakes. this one apparently is a pretty rare find in my opinion and if its in as good as he says I wont have any disappointments. Black interior, and a old lady use to own it among other things, Ill keep you posted. 
Ok, its been a while, here is the latest news, a quick update (11 pm)
I bought a 84 notch for 500 bucks and here it is.
Pretty well kept, this is where the 2.3t will find its new home.

 More updates to come, I'm going to sleep.

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Oct 10th, 2010 @ 1:31 PM

“” where im from. anything that has 4 cyl is declared a ricer. no matter if it has turbos, s/c, etc... because they see it like this, if a honda civic has 4 cylinders and a set of twin turbos and n2o and a fox body mustang thats 4 cylinder with the same set up, they are the same. therefore called ricers, thats the only reason i said it like that, im not trying to offend you in any way but thats just how i grew up and what cars like yours are called around here.

Oct 7th, 2010 @ 11:01 PM

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but why a 4cyl? why waste the money on a 4banger when you can buy a 302, stroke it to a 347 or something, and turbo it. youd get twice as much or more Horses and spend the same amout of money or less....? i just dont get it.
Originally this was just going to be a swap, stock for stock, just the stock turbo coupe engine just for some cheap extra power untill i got the money together for the v8 build i wanted to do originally. But the more i messed with it the more it grew on me, i spent a far amount of money so far but nothing crazy. there are those who have gone faster with less money then i spent with 2.3t, this car will run a 12, and when im done this new set up ill be in the 11's im sure. You would really have to mess around with one of these to really get it. when i first heard about them i brushed it of pretty quick, but then once i saw the potential of these little engines  and how rediculously cheap and easy it was to start off i couldnt resist, also i was pretty broke at the time. if i took the money i spent on this engine and put it toward a v8 i dont think i would be making much more power. Its a hobby.
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aight man, i kinda see why ya did what ya did now. i like it anyways, even if it is a ricer on STERIODS. HAHA. nice have a good one.

Oct 3rd, 2010 @ 7:33 PM

“” but why a 4cyl? why waste the money on a 4banger when you can buy a 302, stroke it to a 347 or something, and turbo it. youd get twice as much or more Horses and spend the same amout of money or less....? i just dont get it.

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