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updated: Apr 22nd 2008 @ 03:15 PM
A Little About Me My name is Jaime originally from Edinburg, Texas, but live on a quiet little spread outside of Kingsville, Texas, by the beautiful and hottest fishing around, Baffin Bay. I am 45 and currently employed with DOD,  Naval Facilities Engineering Command, located aboard the US Naval Air Station Kingsville in the
Public Works Facility Engineering and Acquisition Division.  I relocated here from the cold Plains of Kansas,
where I spent 20 years in a little town in Southwest Kansas called Elkhart.

There I established a very productive and successful HVAC, full Refrigeration and Electrical Service
oriented business.  

My Stang!

This is my 2004 Red fire Metallic V6. I bought it with 25k miles on her and now 104K later
she still looks showroom new. She can be sassy when she hears the rumble of other "supposed"
racers, but she holds her space very well and isn't shy to express herself.  She is by far
one of the nicest and modded around my area.  I get compliments about the paint,
the bodykit and especially the rims.  Some call them Texas stars, but infact are medieval looking lances. 

Appearance Exterior:

27% tint
Fog Lights W/ Luminics Ultra Blue Bulbs
LED Third Brake Light
SpyXder Body Kit
18" Calli's
245/45/R18 yoyos 4 all around
Custom made red grill on bottom
Tribal Graphics on windshield

Appearance Interior:
Getting ready for:
Custom painted Inserts in Red
Steering Wheel Cover by Xtreme
Electronics / Security

Standard MP3 CD Stereo
Sirius Car Kit

I love to cruise on those early and late night weekend.  Its not odd for us to travel
over 500 miles just to sit and eat at a McDonalds or the more exclusive Yak in the Boxes. 
I love the see the kids faces when she pulls into the parking lot and they gather around
just to get a closer look.  She sits very proud among BMW's, Dodges and Corvettes. 
She can and does hold her own.

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check out new pics of newly painted stang sweet real flame paint job.

sisky wolf
Nov 6th, 2008 @ 1:41 PM

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