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blog Thursday, September 21, 2006 @ 11:31 AM

Betrayal.   From one of my own family members.  As I bemoan the critical state of the American automotive industry, she goes out and gets an IMPORT SUV!!!  They do make good, strong trucks and SUVs here in the U.S.   She could have gotten one, instead of helping out foreign economies at the expense of our own. 
"Oh, but imports are so much more reliable..."   My Mustang's never been out of commission - except for the time I locked the keys inside, and Ford's Roadside Assistance came to the rescue.  One fancy import I know of tripped the check engine light and required new O2 sensors.  Cost?  $1,000.  When they are needed, Mustang parts are nowhere near that expensive. 
"They're such a good deal..."  I did some research in my misspent youth, concocting  mathematical formulas to compare cost-per-hp  and hp-per-pound.  Two cars came out on top; Mustang at #1 and Camaro at #2.  A Nissan costing the same as a Mustang had approximately 100 less horsepower.  The hp-to-weight ratio (which I'd calculate now simply as "torque," LOL) wasn't impressive enough to make up for the deficit.  How's that a deal?
 "They get much better mileage..."  Comparisons of 4-cylinder hamster-wheel-powered vehicles to V-8s aren't valid.  They serve completely different purposes.  If the cylinder count were doubled, mileage would undoubtedly drop as well.  Wanna really save gas?  Leave the ten tons of baggage at home and get a moped.
When I was told, "Ford's going bankrupt and laying off 75,000 people,"  my first reaction was to think someone was pulling my leg.  My second thought was, "No more Mustangs?"  That this decline is being hastened by a member of my own family is  amazing.  I've got to get her out of that thing.  ;>

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