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2/16/06 5.0 Swap Issue #1

blog Thursday, February 16, 2006 @ 6:42 PM

I'm sure I'll have a few issues come up durring the swap,
but I recently realized an issue with swaping the brakes that I didn't know I would encounter.
The spindles are different sizes on the 5.0 vs the 2.3, and therefore my brakes cannot be swapped or upgraded with 5.0 upgrades unless I swap the spindles....and also...my recently new struts.
The struts were the ONLY 2.3 suspension part I had to use when upgrading my suspension..all the other 5.0 suspenion fit on the 2.3 last spring.  ...I got stuck with 2.3 struts because the 5.0 struts I got orginally did not fit the 2.3 spindles.  I solved the issue by just getting the 2.3 KYB struts.....but...now I have to deal with it again because I'm stuck with the 2.3 brake system unless I swap the spindles...
so; this is going to suck a little; because any suspension parts swapped out of the donor stang...means the 2.3 parts need to go on to allow it to put back on the trailer and go to the junk yard when we're done with it.  -so double the work...
...and I'll need to buy the 5.0 struts...again!   errrrrrrr
anyway, going to the garage this weekend to start working on unhooking the wires and maybe take out the gauge cluster, the motor can't come out until my Dad gets back next week from snowmobiling.  I can't work on the spindles or any suspenion becuase the garage does not have room for both stangs...so those swapped parts have to be done on the last day the donor stang is there and I got both stangs there at the same time.  This is when will swap the rearends.
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