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2/22/06 Swap Update: Bitching Session!!!

blog Wednesday, February 22, 2006 @ 4:18 PM

ok, Just need to let off a bit of steam here!!!
Going on I think week #2 since the donor stang has been down at the garage....and little to nothing has been done!!!
My Dad is the lead guy here with all his knowledge of cars, experience, and oh yeah; and tools!
But; damn, he's really lagging on movement here!  He's too busy snowmobiling and doing his own shit; which I hate to complian, but seriously....WTF.  
I need him for the big stuff like taking out the motor, tranny and rearend.  and the motor isn't even out yet!!!  common! he even said the motor and tranny would take less than an hour!  so; what's the hold up?  At least if the motor was out I could work on little shit with J, and maybe Joey.  But with the motor in there, and the donor stang still has to be moved one more time before the motor is ready to come out....so even if I could take the motor out myself...I still can't!  OMG I'm soooo frustrated!
so far, I've been able to take out the gauge cluster--YAY!!! BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT!
a side mirror for a fellow GS member
....oh yeah, and the air box; which was determined to not be worth the time
at this rate...it'll be next winter before the 2.3 ever see's the garage!
Where's that father daughter bonding experience at?  Is snowmobiling really more important than his baby girl and her stang????
...I make it sound worse than it is..but I just had to let out some steam.  ..hopefuly it makes me feel better.
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Feb 22nd, 2006 @ 8:05 PM

“”it takes time Nicole but if u really wanted to u can take out that motor if i was close by i would help u with it ive done it a couple of times.. but like Frosty said your dad probly needs to get his head cleared.smile

Feb 22nd, 2006 @ 8:36 PM

“”If you had someone else help you might get your dad upset.. Just remind him I WANT MY ENGINE..


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