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blog Saturday, March 03, 2007 @ 11:17 PM

I'm sure most of you recall my fuel leak last spring/summer?
this was when i had a shop install my fuel lines for me (since I knew I didn't want to mess them up trying to bend and install them myself)  ...and that the guy that installed them had them running close to the tire...tire rubbed a hole in the rubber connector hoses which caused a leak. 
well, so that guy fixed it by using hose clamps over the metal flare of the steel lines.
I was NOT happy about this jiggy rig fix...and I constantly feared the worse about them holding on and not leaking again...and setting fire to my car.
so anway...I had my car stored in the garage for about the past month due to crappy weather.  last week I had to move the car to our new apartment, and as soon as I went to start it- it wouldn't start.  I could tell right away it wasn't right, so I got out and checked under the car expecting a puddle of gas (I just knew!)  sure enough...yes a puddle of gas was there.  WTF!
sure enough the clamps had loosened and sprung a leak again!
...what would have happened if it wasn't snowy this past month and I was still driving the car everyday?  goddammit I could have lost my stang and my life!
fucking stupid
J and I jacked up the car and replaced the clamps...which is just as good as it was before- but this time I'm going to cut my losses and replace the lines- or find somone who's good a fitting the rubber back to the lines the way it was when they were new.
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Mar 4th, 2007 @ 11:06 AM

i hope u get it fixed Nicole.. i hate having garages touch my car but there are times i have to because i cant do it.. i hope u find a good mechanic that will do it right and u dont have a problem again


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