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blog Monday, June 19, 2006 @ 10:59 PM

Ok, so I thought I'd write an update on the stang now that I can actually drive it!
Here's the shit I've been through:
1.  Glowing H-pipe, I seen this at idle the second night we had it started on Thursday I t hink it was.   I haven't noticed it as a problem now...could have been fuel burning in the exhaust.
2.  Fire!!  A piece of rubber on the emissions vacume lines got shifted onto the header and ignited!  J saved the car and put out the fire quickly.  Fixed by zip tie.
3. Bleeding air from the coolant is a long task, and cannot be rushed...learned the hard way pulling over several times on the way home from the shop saturday.  (we kinda didn't want to sit and idle because of the glow h-pipe we seen that one night....which seems to not be an issue now.
4. AOD has no overdrive...it's toast.  Tranny needs a rebuild.
5. Fuel Leak: my fuel lines were not installed right by the shop, and on the way to the car show my tire rubbed the rubber portion of the line until I was leaking fuel!!!  J took care of it, but it's only temporary.  We were able to make the show on Sunday  but not able to register and win anything.  The line is still hitting the tire...and not safe!  I bought a fire extinguisher
6. Car Died and I got stuck on the side of the road at Lunchtime when I went to buy the fire extinguish to keep in the car with me in fear of another fire or fuel leak making a new fire.
I had the car towed, they replaced the distributor and TFI module and fixed my timing. 
7. Confirmed there is an exhaust leak....bad install at the shop...again
8. Surging forward symtom.  I have no idea yet, but I'm sure we'll figure it out when all the other crap is fixed first
The car is fast
The car looks awesome
The car sounds awesome dispite the exhaust leak
I can actually pass slow traffic safely now that I have HP
I've been able to drive the car for the first time in 6 months
The new B&M shifter is awesome!!!!!!  I love to shift!  (yes the automatic!)
Give me a few months and she'll be closer to "normal"
I'm still happy dispite the problems, some of them are to be expected
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Jun 19th, 2006 @ 11:17 PM

it will be a while before the kinks are worked out.  To be honest, you should have never taken it to a shop....i learned first hand, that when you start a project on your own, and let someone else dip their fingers in it, there WILL be problems.  You do it your self and that aspect is gone.  Its funny, no matter how much you double and triple check things, there is always a few things you miss.  My good friend bought blown93features old supercharged 302 engine...we removed the old and installed it in a day....next thing you know, people stop by, get in the mix, something goes wrong and you have to start tracing someone elses steps/work. thus setting you back a few days here and there...  i know youve been patient and probobly want it finished, but patience is key....atleast you got/get to drive it still!!  its gonne be awesome when everything is fine tuned!!

Jun 19th, 2006 @ 11:37 PM

it sux that its usually how it goes.  But hey, sometimes you just cant egt everything done your self and have no choice but to let a shop do it etc.  Oh well....you will be running strong soon!!

Jun 20th, 2006 @ 7:08 AM

Sounds like a lot went wrong. Trust me, your not alone. If any one trys to tell nothing has ever went wrong for them...... THEY ARE LYING!!!!! We have all been there. Deep breaths, patience and some good friends. Works every time. Best of luck to you!!

Jun 22nd, 2006 @ 6:18 PM

fuel line issue has been fix today YAY


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