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Porcelain is very unforgiving!

blog Saturday, November 25, 2006 @ 2:22 PM

It was Thanksgiving morning and I had just returned from a spirited 5 mile run that was meant to burn any remaining food and calories I had left in my system to make room for the impending feast.  I was hot, sweaty and in need of a shower before the guests arrived. Like most guy I don’t undress by sitting on the edge of the bed and gently removing my garments.  I rip, pull and fling my clothes off as quickly and recklessly as possible.  On this particular morning I was performing this ritual in the bathroom in close proximity to the porcelain throne.  My outer shirt was off – the tee shirt was next and all that was left were my sweat pants.  Hurriedly I pushed them down.  With my left foot I stomped on the right leg and ripped my foot out.  One leg left to go and I was ready for the shower.  Not wanting to bend over I raised my leg backward high in the air, knowing that I would need a good flick to get the tight ankle elastic to release from my leg.  With one swift movement if was all over!  “Crunch!”  You know that instant you have before the pain registers from your foot to your brain.  I said out loud, “That’s going to leave a mark!”  Then it hit me. I collapse to the floor and rolled onto my back.  Usually when you stub your toe it takes a minute or two and all is well.  This time I knew things were different.  I looked down toward my foot and discovered my little toe was 90 degrees off from where it should have been pointing and the normally smooth edge of my outer foot had a decided bend to it.  I thought to myself that can’t be good.  My first thought was, well I’m glad I got my run in.  My second was, no more training for a while.  And, my third was, How the Hell am I going to drive my new Stang?!?!?!  My left foot was smashed and for the first time in years my daily driver was equipped with a standard transmission.  I have been grousing about it for three days now and my wife is out in Homer shopping as we speak!  Whitey is off the road for the winter and I am relegated to driving my wife’s Mazda 6 for the foreseeable future!  D’oh!!!  I have an appointment with the surgeon on Monday to see what the next steps are but it doesn’t look promising.  Wish me luck & Happy Holidays!!!

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Nov 25th, 2006 @ 7:20 PM

LOL Sorry, not laughing at your pain, but your story hit the funny bone. Hope you heal well! Good luck!

Nov 25th, 2006 @ 7:37 PM


LoL dont feel bad Sonny .. I was in tears laughing not from the fact he got hurt but just that it sounds like something stupid that I would end up doing ...plus he is a very talented writer so much so that I could just picture the whole thing in my head as I was reading it. OUCH

Wishing you and your foot a speedy recovery




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